Definition of Formula:

  1. Ingredients or list of ingredients.

  2. A way to achieve something, a statement or method, especially to reconcile different goals or positions.

  3. Chemical: List all active or inactive ingredients in a product by weight or volume.

  4. Mathematics: An equation or set of instructions that solves a particular type of problem in a particular way. In a formula, the same set of inputs always produces the same output.

  5. Fixed times, especially those used in a particular context or as a traditional use.

  6. Mathematical relations or rules that are expressed in symbols.

  7. Classification of race cars (usually after a large number), especially sliding them.

Synonyms of Formula

Rituality, Solemnity, Holy rite, Standard, Binomial, Recipe, Convention, Procedure, Cotangent, Statute, Rubric, Universal law, Differential, Dictation, Denominator, Antilogarithm, Permutation, Way, I, Bylaw, Lex, Liturgy, Radical, Ceremony, Technique, Theorem, Variable, Divisor, Dictum, Prescribed form, Power, Dictate, Blueprint, Ordonnance, Submultiple, Index, Congruence, A priori truth, Self-evident truth, Secant, Formality, Practice, Instructions, Imperative, Prescription, Reciprocal, Method, Key, Means, Coefficient, Act, Enactment, Criterion, Dividend, Polynomial, Exponential, Recipe, Ritual observance, Working principle, Blueprint, Office, Principium, Ruling, Mode of worship, Law, Vector, Truth, Solution, Brocard, Discriminate, Guiding principle, Magic formula, Function, Radix, Versine, Mitzvah, Code, Minuend, Institution, Difference, Subtrahend, Receipt, Answer, Factor, Equation, Ceremonial, Modus operandi, Measure, MO, Increment, Prescription, Rule, Combination, Formulary, Aphorism, Addend, Numerator, Sine, Rite, Multiplier, Service, Standing order, Sacramental, Pattern, Root, Moral, Exponent, Ordinance, Bill, Form of words, Decree, E, Maxim, Cube, Duty, Pi, Parameter, Procrustean law, Order of worship, Commandment, Jus, Mystery, Multiple, Recipe, Golden rule, Form, Axiom, Observance, Cosine, Order of nature, Characteristic, Edict, Remainder, Ritual, Working rule, Derivative, Blueprint, Formula, Norma, Decimal, Settled principle, Procedure, Universal truth, Tangent, Proposition, Set expression, Argument, Constant, Guideline, Prescript, Tensor, Law of nature, Norm, Regulation, Quaternion, Tenet, Directions, Sacrament, Determinant, Matrix, Truism, Legislation, Plan, Base, Canon, Saying, Form of worship, Method, Phrase, Technique, General principle, Set form, Postulate, Complement, Integral, Quotient, System, Principle

How to use Formula in a sentence?

  1. Formula two.
  2. To solve math equations, you need to find the correct formula to enter the correct number.
  3. Legal formula.
  4. Hair Capacitor Capacitance Formula.
  5. Desperate hope to find a formula for peace.
  6. The soft drink company followed exactly its secret formula.
  7. In my last math test, I forgot the formula for finding the area of ​​a triangle, so I answered the wrong question.
  8. When you are working with algebra, you cannot expect to find a solution to a problem without using the right formulas.

Meaning of Formula & Formula Definition

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