Definition of Formatting:

  1. The way things are organized or presented.

  2. Create digital storage media (usually from the user or seller) so that data can be received and stored. In their manufacture, floppy disks and hard drives are like blank sheets of paper that must be cut or formatted into logically designated compensation sections (called sectors) so that data can be entered. Go and find out quickly. Each operating system (OS) has its own (non-standard) way to format magnetic media that other operating systems cannot normally use. However, any operating system can use optical media (CDs and DVDs), as these media are formatted according to generally accepted ISO standards (always by the manufacturer).

  3. Configure or format (especially on computers).

Synonyms of Formatting

Pattern, Configuration, Marshalling, Alignment, Array, Positioning, Layout, Grouping, Order, Design, Format, Arrangement, Organization, Ordering, Disposition

How to use Formatting in a sentence?

  1. How to format documents
  2. The traditional form of television set work.
  3. Whenever you send a document to someone else via email, make sure you choose the correct format so that the person can read it.
  4. I needed a formatting disk to reinstall all removed programs, but I couldn't find it anywhere.
  5. Before starting, you should consider shaping the hard drive, as many people lose valuable information and data because they do not plan the process.

Meaning of Formatting & Formatting Definition

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