Definition of Foreword:

  1. A brief introduction to a book, usually by someone other than the author.

  2. Introductory remarks about the subject and / or scope of the book before the main and introductory text written by someone other than the author of the book. When a new edition of the work is published, the presented text is usually rewritten or expanded to inform the reader of the change. If written by an author, it is appropriately called a presentation.

Synonyms of Foreword

Front elevation, Front matter, Forward matter, Bibliography, Brave face, Acknowledgments, Overture, Obverse, Catchword, Back, Prelude, Preamble, Opening remarks, Preface, Forehand, Index, Front matter, Imprint, Preamble, Recto, Half-title page, Tail, Prolegomena, Foreside, Inscription, Front, Contents page, Premise, Bastard title, Page, Prefixture, Verse, Running title, Back matter, Exordium, Prologue, Proem, Protasis, Lap, Front page, Forequarter, Title, Innovation, Leap, Foreland, Facia, Facade, Introduction, Flyleaf, Folio, Foreground, Frontal, Verso, Opening statement, Endpaper, Copyright page, Catch line, Errata, Front man, Dedication, Prefix, Makeup, Title page, Forepart, Priority, Prologue, Reverso, Fore, Prolegomenon, Preliminary matter, Frontage, Voluntary, Frontispiece, Leaf, Endsheet, Endleaf, Type page, Prolepsis, Text, Postulate, Trim size, Colophon, Signature, Presupposition, Table of contents, Contents, Subtitle, Front view, Bold front, Window dressing, Proscenium, Preface, Heading, Display, Head, Face, Preliminaries, Introduction, Anteriority, Fore edge, Breakthrough, Facet, Avant-propos, Forefront, Brave front, Frontier, Preliminary

How to use Foreword in a sentence?

  1. The introduction was written by an expert in a field widely recognized throughout the industry.
  2. Before I started reading the novel, I looked at the satire, which prepared me for what I was about to read.
  3. The author has included a very personal forehead which not only describes the beginning of the novel, but also the life and failures of his family.
  4. At most, authors describe themselves in a number of different ways.

Meaning of Foreword & Foreword Definition