Forever 21 W2 Form

Forever 21 W2 Form

Didn't receive my W2 form ..? 3

So last summer I worked for Wurm 21 ... then I moved to another city ... I changed my permanent address ... when I worked there I lived with my mother - Down ... until ... yet ... no I received my W2 form. If it had reached my old address my mother would have kept it ... but she said ... never understood ... so I called the store and talked to the manager ... she told me Numbered ..But I always get a voicemail ... so I leave a message whenever I call. ... I was given the same number ... but as usual ... no one answered the call ... I have to ask for a tax refund ... because it's almost over ... what should I do? ? I called the IRS ... I don't know which option ... I hate talking to the computer ...

You can actually upload W2 files. When you have a payroll, you can estimate how much you paid and how much you saved. And if you get information from your former employer later, you can change your return.

Sometimes, if you press and hold 0 on the computer's answering machine, you will be transferred to a human.

Also listen carefully to the call message, you can refer to the website for your information.

You can also search there by calling the PNE IRS number. Someone out there may advise you on what to do if your employer does not give you W2.

The numbers you need may already be your 2008 final salary, federal and state money earned for the year, and federal and state taxes withheld.

This page can help you.


Didn't receive my W2 form?

So I worked for Wurm 21 last summer ... then I moved to another city ... I changed my permanent address ... I lived with my mother when I worked there - Bye ... I still haven't received my W2 request. If it went to my old address my mom should have picked it up ... but she said ...

Forever 21 W2 Form

Forever 21 W2 Form

First, try talking to the store manager and see if he or she can help you with more than just that unnecessary phone number. If you still don't get any results, follow the following IRS instructions on the website:

Shows what you earned in 2007 and how much tax the employer withheld. You should apply for Form 1040 (possibly 1040EZ), read and complete the instructions. You can get clicks if you work for a short time. The IRS will send you a check.

You can contact Social Security as this is where the federal copy ends. They can give you a copy. I now!

Forever 21 W2 Form