Definition of Foresight:

  1. The ability to predict or the action of predicting what will happen or be needed in the future.

  2. Knowledge or sound judgment into a future event that may or may not occur. A person can develop a sense of foresight through current knowledge, past experiences with similar situations, or simply through intuition. An interviewee should have the foresight of leaving for an interview early in the event that unforeseen circumstances occur that would make the interviewee late otherwise..

Synonyms of Foresight

ESP, Actuarial prediction, Acuity, Acumen, Acuteness, Aftertime, Afteryears, Anticipation, Apocalypse, Apperception, Approach, Arrangement, Astuteness, Attack, Beginnings, Blueprint, Blueprinting, By-and-by, Calculation, Canniness, Care, Caution, Charting, Circumspection, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Cogency, Conception, Contrivance, Course ahead, Crystal ball, Design, Determinism, Device, Discernment, Discreetness, Discretion, Disposition, Distant future, Earliness, Early hour, Early stage, Enterprise, Envisagement, Eventuality, Expectation, Extrasensory perception, Farseeingness, Farsightedness, Figuring, First crack, First stage, Forearming, Foreboding, Forecast, Forecasting, Forehandedness, Foreknowledge, Foreshowing, Foresightedness, Foretelling, Forethought, Forethoughtfulness, Forward look, Future, Future tense, Futurism, Futurity, Game, Graphing, Ground floor, Ground plan, Guesswork, Guidelines, Head start, Hereafter, Idea, Immediate future, Immediate prospect, Imminence, Improbability, Incisiveness, Insight, Insurance, Intention, Intuition, Layout, Lineup, Long-range plan, Longheadedness, Longsightedness, Lucidity, Mapping, Master plan, Measures, Method, Methodology, Near future, Offing, Omen, Operations research, Organization, Outlook, Penetration, Perception, Perceptiveness, Percipience, Perspicaciousness, Perspicacity, Perspicuity, Perspicuousness, Plan, Planning, Planning function, Posteriority, Prearrangement, Precaution, Precautions, Precautiousness, Prediction, Prefiguration, Prefigurement, Prefiguring, Premonition, Presage, Presaging, Prescience, Presentiment, Preshowing, Presignifying, Prevenience, Preventive measure, Prevision, Probability, Procedure, Prognosis, Prognostication, Program, Program of action, Project, Promise, Prophecy, Prophesying, Prospect, Prospectus, Protection, Providence, Provision, Prudence, Psychometry, Rationalization, Readiness, Running start, Safeguard, Sagaciousness, Sagacity, Schedule, Schema, Schematism, Schematization, Scheme, Scheme of arrangement, Second sight, Sensibility, Setup, Sixth sense, Soothsay, Speculation, Statistical prediction, Steps, Steps and measures, Strategic plan, Strategy, System, Systematization, Tactical plan, Tactics, The big picture, The future, The morrow, The picture, The sweet by-and-by, Time ahead, Time just ahead, Time to come, Time to spare, Tomorrow, Trenchancy, Vaticination, Very beginning, Vision, Watchfulness, Way, Wisdom, Working plan, Forethought, Anticipation, Planning, Forward planning, Provision, Prescience, Circumspection, Watchfulness, Attentiveness, Vigilance, Prudence, Care, Caution, Precaution, Readiness, Preparedness

How to use Foresight in a sentence?

  1. We had the foresight to plan, we then worked our plan, thanks to our decision, we were set up for the best deal possible.
  2. He had the foresight to check that his escape route was clear.
  3. He had the gift of foresight and could see things which had not happened yet in great detail and great clarity.
  4. Were not sure if you have the foresight to pick the right stocks, so were going to let you get the coffee instead.

Meaning of Foresight & Foresight Definition