Definition of Foreman:

  1. Experienced employee who leads, and works with, a crew or gang of workers. See also superintendent.

  2. A worker, especially a man, who supervises and directs other workers.

Synonyms of Foreman

Supervisor, Overseer, Superintendent, Manager, Boss, Team leader, Line manager, Controller, Big Brother, Auditor, Boatswain, Boss, Chief, Comptroller, Controller, Floor manager, Floorman, Floorwalker, Gaffer, Ganger, Grand-juror, Head, Headman, Inspector, Juror, Jury chancellor, Juryman, Jurywoman, Manager, Monitor, Noncommissioned officer, Overman, Overseer, Petit-juror, Petit-juryman, Proctor, Recognitor, Sirdar, Slave driver, Straw boss, Subforeman, Super, Superintendent, Supervisor, Surveyor, Talesman, Taskmaster, Veniremen, Visitor

How to use Foreman in a sentence?

  1. For management officials and industrial arbitrators, male aggression towards foremen and supervisors was far more serious than such behavior toward fellow workers.

Meaning of Foreman & Foreman Definition