Foreign Meanings:

  • An insurance company based in the United States is headquartered in a state other than the state at risk. See also Strange.

Meanings of Foreign

  1. From, to, or from a country or language other than your own.

Sentences of Foreign

  1. Foreign language

  2. I think it's very strange to you

Synonyms of Foreign

exiled , alien , far , alienated , barbaric , faraway , extraneous , strange , immigrant , peculiar, adopted , funny, offshore , queer, from abroad , estranged , alien, odd, far flung, remote, not domestic , strange, bizarre, exotic , outlandish, overseas

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Foreign Definition:

  1. Foreign can be defined as, The US-based insurance company is headquartered in a state other than the one at risk. See also Strange.

Meanings of Foreign

  1. Country or language different from you, or a feature of that country.

  2. Strange and unknown

Synonyms of Foreign

external, weird, non-native, unfamiliar, new, unknown, distant, adventitious, novel, unheard of, curious, outside, far off