Foreign Transaction Fees

Foreign Transaction Fees,

Definition of Foreign Transaction Fees:

  1. Foreign Transaction Fees can be defined as, Your bank charges a fee for completing transactions at other ATMs.

Literal Meanings of Foreign Transaction Fees


Meanings of Foreign:
  1. From a country or language other than your own, from, or their feature.

Sentences of Foreign
  1. Foreign language

  2. I think it's very strange to you

Synonyms of Foreign

alien, far off, external, strange, outlandish, odd, weird, unfamiliar, curious, exotic, bizarre, overseas, funny, unknown, outside, distant, far flung, remote, unheard of, peculiar


Meanings of Transaction:
  1. An example of some buying and selling in business transactions.

Sentences of Transaction
  1. Delivery date is very important in normal business

Synonyms of Transaction

contract, business, pact, bargain, deal, compact, treaty, settlement, undertaking, bond, arrangement, negotiation, affair, agreement


Meanings of Fees:
  1. Pay (someone) for a service.

  2. Payment to professional or professional bodies or the public in exchange for advice or services

  3. One virtue, especially that which remains in the feudal professions.

Sentences of Fees
  1. Others are offering discounts on the purchase of software for their free online service, which is now ongoing.

  2. Legal fee £ 3000

Synonyms of Fees

give payment to, recompense, wage, stipend, reward, salary, pay, allowance, handout, payment, emolument, reimburse