Foreign exchange (Forex or FX)

Foreign exchange (Forex or FX),

Definition of Foreign exchange (Forex or FX):

  1. Any currency other than the local currency that handles international transactions. It is also called foreign currency.

  2. Exchange system and exchange of currency from one country to another. See also foreign exchange market.

  3. An institution or currency trading system in another country.

How to use Foreign exchange (Forex or FX) in a sentence?

  1. The exchange students were very calm and we all got in touch with our friends very soon.
  2. It's great to work abroad, especially since you can play the same exchange rate in the stock market.
  3. It was revealed yesterday that those responsible for the misrepresentation of the currency by the central bank could not be named in the second long-awaited report for legal reasons.
  4. The new exchange policy will make it easier for the pool family to travel from home.

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