Foreign corporation

Foreign corporation,

Definition of Foreign corporation:

  1. Firm incorporated under the laws of a foreign jurisdiction and owned or controlled by non-nationals. Also called alien corporation, foreign concern, or foreign firm.

Meaning of Foreign corporation & Foreign corporation Definition

Foreign Corporation,

How To Define Foreign Corporation?

  • Communities that are not subject to the laws of their area or state. Foreign corporate tax depends on whether the company has bond income or real income in the state.

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Meanings of Foreign:
  1. Features of a country or language other than yours, or in them.

  2. strange.

Sentences of Foreign
  1. Foreign language

  2. I think all of this sounds very strange to you

Synonyms of Foreign

unfamiliar, unknown, exotic, far off, unheard of, far flung, external, odd, curious, outlandish, overseas, distant, strange, peculiar, remote, funny, bizarre, outside, alien, weird, queer


Meanings of Corporation:
  1. A company or group of people that has the authority to act as a sole (legal entity) and is thus legally recognized.

Sentences of Corporation
  1. Most lenders are large companies and insurance companies.

Synonyms of Corporation

guild, consortium, multiple, office, firm, multinational, business, company, chain, concern, operation, bureau, combine, organization, trust, syndicate, partnership, group, conglomerate, house, agency, institution, federation