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Foreign Commerce,

Foreign Commerce: What is the Meaning of Foreign Commerce?

  1. The definition of Foreign Commerce is: The same requirements apply to road carriers in foreign trade and carriers in international trade to limit the liability of road carriers. As defined in the Motor Carriers Act (MCA) 1980, the term refers to the trade between any place in a foreign country or between the United States and the territory or property of the United States, provided that the vehicle is a state. Be in the United States. It also includes trade between destinations in one or more foreign countries (for example, trade between Canada and Mexico) as long as transportation takes place in the United States.

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Meanings of Foreign:
  1. From a country or language other than your own, from, or their feature.

Sentences of Foreign
  1. Foreign language

  2. I think it's very strange for you

Synonyms of Foreign

outside, odd, unfamiliar, funny, outlandish, queer, distant, exotic, overseas, weird, remote, peculiar, alien, external, unknown, bizarre, curious, strange, far flung, far off, unheard of


Meanings of Commerce:
  1. Commercial activities, especially on a large scale.

  2. Sex

Sentences of Commerce
  1. Rail trade is likely to grow

  2. Out of the ordinary business of civilized life

  3. At that time, it was customary in this city that any woman who had sexually abused a man other than her husband was mistaken for adultery and died as a result. Until she is a street woman.

Synonyms of Commerce

sexual relations, business, making love, intercourse, lovemaking, trafficking, trade, trading, sex act, buying and selling, sexual intercourse, bargaining, traffic, dealing