Forecasted Income Statement

Forecasted Income Statement,

Forecasted Income Statement Meanings:

Meaning of Forecasted Income Statement: Profit statistics, which the company's net income plans for the coming period.

Literal Meanings of Forecasted Income Statement


Meanings of Forecasted:
  1. Forecast or Estimation (Future Event or Trend)

  2. Calculating or predicting future events, especially upcoming seasons or financial trends.

Sentences of Forecasted
  1. Rain forecast for Scotland

Synonyms of Forecasted

prediction, prophecy, divination, prognosticate, predict, prognostication, calculation, divine, foretell, projection, prognosis, augury, prophesy, foresee, forewarn, augur, forewarning


Meanings of Income:
  1. The work you do regularly or invest

Sentences of Income
  1. Have a good house and a decent income

Synonyms of Income

emolument, wages, stipend, remuneration, earnings, salary, pay


Meanings of Statement:
  1. Specific or clear expression of something when speaking or writing.

Sentences of Statement
  1. Do you agree with this observation?

Synonyms of Statement

expression of views, assertion, announcement, declaration, expression of facts, affirmation, utterance, communication