Definition of Forecast:

  1. Predict or estimate (a future event or trend).

  2. The act of predicting business activity for a future period of time. Typically, it is a projection based upon specific assumptions, such as targeted prospects or a defined sales strategy. For example, a sales pro forma in a business plan is considered a forecast.

  3. A prediction or estimate of future events, especially coming weather or a financial trend.

Synonyms of Forecast

Prediction, Prophecy, Forewarning, Prognostication, Augury, Divination, Prognosis, Projection, Calculation, Accounting, Actuarial prediction, Adumbrate, Analysis, Anticipate, Anticipation, Apocalypse, Arrange, Augur, Augury, Automatic electronic navigation, Braking, Calculate, Calculation, Cast, Cast a horoscope, Cast a nativity, Computation, Concert, Conclude, Conjecture, Contemplation, Contrive, Coordination, Cut out, Design, Devise, Discretion, Divine, Dope, Dope out, Dowse for water, Envisagement, Envisionment, Fact distribution, Farseeingness, Farsightedness, Figure, Forebode, Foreboding, Forecasting, Forecasts, Foreglance, Foregleam, Foreglimpse, Forehandedness, Foreknown, Foresee, Foreseeing, Foreseen, Foreshowing, Foreshown, Foresight, Foresightedness, Foretell, Foretelling, Foretold, Forewarn, Forewarning, Fortune-tell, Frame, Gather, Guess, Guesswork, Hariolate, Improbability, Infer, Inspection, Intend, Lay plans, Longsightedness, Looking ahead, Make a prediction, Make a prognosis, Make a projection, Make a prophecy, Make arrangements, Manipulation, Methodize, Nonlinear calibrations, Omen, Organize, Output measurement, Plan, Plan ahead, Portend, Prearrange, Predict, Predicted, Prediction, Prefiguration, Prefigure, Prefigurement, Prefiguring, Preparation, Prepublication, Presage, Presaged, Presaging, Presentiment, Preshowing, Presignifying, Preview, Prevision, Probability, Processing, Prognosis, Prognosticate, Prognostication, Program, Project, Promise, Prophecy, Prophesied, Prophesy, Prophesying, Prospect, Prospection, Prospectus, Providence, Provision, Prudence, Rationalize, Read palms, Read tea leaves, Read the future, Readiness, Record keeping, Sagacity, Schedule, Schematize, Set up, Shape, Soothsay, Speculate, Speculation, Statistical prediction, Steering, Supersonic flow detection, Surmise, Systematize, Tell fortunes, Tell the future, Vaticinate, Vaticination, Weird, Work out, Work up, Predict, Prophesy, Prognosticate, Augur, Divine, Foretell, Foresee, Forewarn

How to use Forecast in a sentence?

  1. The CEO hoped his executive team would be encouraged by the generally positive business forecast laid out by the financial department, but he could tell many of them still had doubts about the future.
  2. Rain is forecast for eastern Ohio.
  3. The forecast for today was cloudy and dark clouds with the chance of rain, which made me very happy because I havent seen rain for a long time.
  4. Together the two firms can provide financial forecasts for virtually every listed company in the world.
  5. The man on the news show said it will not rain tomorrow, but I am going to take an umbrella because I do not trust his forecast .

Meaning of Forecast & Forecast Definition