Ford Focus Check Engine Light Reset

Ford Focus Check Engine Light Reset

Can I manually reset John Lights on the 2001 Ford Focus? 3

I know there is a way to rearrange car computer information using a series of buttons on the dashboard. I'm not sure it's a 2001 Ford Focus.

This little light is the only way a car computer (PCM) can communicate with you. It does not speak and is clear to tell you that the PCM has detected a malfunction or failure in one of the systems or circuits monitored.

SMART is getting a code (DTC) to see why it is active. It could be as simple as a loose hat, or it could be a sign that you're having a hard time finding your way.

Obtain DTC and follow proper diagnostic and repair procedures along with the repair manual.

Reminder Follow good diagnostic methods to avoid wasting money, effort and time.

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Ford Focus Check Engine Light Reset