For External Use Only

For External Use Only

What is meant by external use only? 3

I noticed that many consumers say behind their external labels, what does that mean?

This means you can only use it alone. You don't mean the outdoors. So basically telling you not to put it in your y.

External use only means that you can only use it outside of y. For example, if it is a recommended acne cream, you can only apply it on the skin and not drink it or rub it on your nose or anywhere else. It is for external use only.

This means you don't use it on your Y Slim area and don't apply it to your Y. If the CPU appears only for external use, do not:

Put it in your eyes

Eat or drink

Breathe directly through the nose

Put it in your ear

Put in your O.

Do not use it internally on your Y, ie do not drink or eat, apply it on any of your upper parts or place it on your nose etc.

That means you can apply it to your skin like you shouldn't or something else.

Don't eat or pick your nose.

For External Use Only