Definition of Footprint:

  1. An effect that the toe or shoe has on the floor or surface.

  2. An area in which an object is occupied or affected.

  3. The space occupied by an object (computer, cupboard, machine) on a table or floor should be measured as the product of the external length and width of that object.

  4. Geographical area where signals can be obtained from certain satellites. It is represented by a series of contour lines centered on the map, in which the maximum signal strength in the center decreases with expansion.

Synonyms of Footprint

Imprint, Ichnite, Signet, Fossil footprint, Indent, Boss, Embossment, Lump, Impression, Spoor, Pug, Colophon, Tract, Pugmark, Pimple, Dint, Excrescence, Dactylograph, Thumbmark, Thumbprint, Dactylogram, Impress, Bump, Ichnolite, Seal, Fingerprint, Vestige, Mark, Indention, Pad, Footmark, Print, Track, Footmark, Dent, Convexity, Print, Pawmark, Footstep, Trace, Concavity, Step, Stamp, Sigil, Sign, Stud, Spoor, Track, Paw print, Impression, Footstep, Indentation, Trace

How to use Footprint in a sentence?

  1. There were massive marks on the floor and it really looked like a monster.
  2. When the killer left the scene like a hurricane, he left the trail of blood and that is why he was arrested because of this diverse evidence and testimony.
  3. The size of a desktop computer is large enough to fit a small desktop configuration. Therefore, a tablet or laptop is more ideal for large environments.
  4. Contractors ensure that old military base maps are reused.
  5. He left, his shoes leaving footprints on the snow-covered ground.

Meaning of Footprint & Footprint Definition