Definition of Footnotes:

  1. Add a footnote or footnotes to (a piece of writing).

  2. Endnotes printed at the bottom of the same page on which the referenced points appear.

  3. An additional piece of information printed at the bottom of a page.

Synonyms of Footnotes

Note, Marginal note, Annotation, Comment, Gloss, Explain, Give an explanation of, Interpret, Explicate, Elucidate

How to use Footnotes in a sentence?

  1. If the income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flow make up the core of a companys financial information, then the footnotes are the fine print that explains this core.
  2. But in a phone interview, Troy says that under current academic standards it would be ‘unacceptable’ if a student did what Simon did as a part of his coursework without footnoting the book or putting it in his bibliography.

Meaning of Footnotes & Footnotes Definition