Footnotes To The Financial Statements

Footnotes To The Financial Statements,

What is The Definition of Footnotes To The Financial Statements?

  • The photos of the annual financial statements cite additional information on how the company reached its financial statements. They also help explain the year-on-year deviations or discrepancies in accounting procedures. It serves as a supplement and clarifies those in need without the information being incorporated into the body of the statement. However, the information contained in the footnotes is often important and can reveal a company's financial health issues.

    • The footnotes of the annual financial statements provide additional information and explanations for the items presented in the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement.
    • The footnotes contain the information required, the use of accounting policies, changes to any policy from the previous reporting period, and future transactions that may affect future profits.
    • Footnotes are important to investors and other users of annual financial statements as they can reveal concerns about a company's financial health.

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  2. Although income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements are an integral part of a company's financial statements, footnotes are fine print that illustrates this core.

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