Definition of Foot:

  1. The sum of the balances for each column in the spreadsheet.

Synonyms of Foot

Shamble, Toddle, Patte, Halt, Gather way, Molossus, Numbers, Canvas, Clip, Run, Summate, Pes, Piaffe, Barrel, Sole, Clump, Roll, Swing, Paddle, Harefoot, Perambulate, Heptameter, Zoom, Straddle, Shoemold, Jump, Scorch, Meter, Epitrite, Breeze along, Zing, Strut, Metrical unit, Crowd of sail, Float, Skip, Ghost, Anapest, Hoof it, Tear along, Metron, Sashay, Nip, Clew, Feminine caesura, Metrical foot, Circumambulate, Beat, Stagger, Step, Toe, Clog, Pyrrhic, Boom, Accentuation, Jolt, Clubfoot, Waddle, Cut along, Digit, Total, Stump it, Pied, Ride the sea, Jog on, Dance, Highball, Add, Foundation, Make way, Cretic, Reefed sail, Wiggle, Caesura, Pad, Plod, Paw, Wamble, Head, Luff, Dimeter, Hexapody, Dipody, Stump, Rack, Splayfoot, Period, Bundle, Sail, Slink, Rip, Shake, Bowl along, Pastern, Slither, Pentapody, Stomp, Metrical group, Syzygy, Arsis, Lunge, Tread, Tootsy, Dochmiac, Stalk, Walk, Breeze, Scuttle, Mora, Ankle, Stress, Mopboard, Metrical accent, Emphasis, Sprung rhythm, Bacchius, Chloriambus, Peg, Paeon, Make headway, Shoot, Stride, Earing, Shuffle along, Speed, Scud, Ungula, Movement, Accent, Iambic, Keel, Fly, Lumber, Dog, Foot it, Pentameter, Triseme, Iambic pentameter, Hippety-hop, Glide, Thunder along, Tetrapody, Limp, Reef point, Ambulate, Trudge, Trotter, Tribrach, Square sail, Catalexis, Waltz, Trochee, Tote, Make sternway, Shimmy, Elegiac couplet, Ride, Diaeresis, Scuffle, Leech, Skim, Piaffer, Sidle, Cringle, Flounce, Traipse, Antispast, Chassis, Proceleusmatic, Jingle, Trimeter, Ionic, Plow the deep, Footing, Pedes, Tetraseme, Jog, Base, Flit, Elegiac pentameter, Nadir, Hitch, Figure, Tear, Press of sail, Footslog, Rhythm, Amphibrach, Quantity, Slouch, Tittup, Dado, Heel, Lilt, Slog, Scuff, Measure, Rag, Thesis, Heptapody, Pug, Cast, Whiz, Sum, Outstrip the wind, Tap-dance, Brush, Barge, Tetrameter, Wainscot, Walk the waters, Fox-trot, Pace, Forefoot, Peripateticate, Fleet, Mince, Lurch, Pour it on, Trip, Arch, Alexandrine, Instep, Elegiac, Totter, Colon, Leg it, Basement, Iamb, Stroll, Amble, Whisk, Slip, Leg, Baseboard, Swagger, Pedestrianize, Ictus, Reduced sail, Spondee, Plain sail, Extremity, Stamp, Drag, Masculine caesura, Hop, Storm along, Dactylic hexameter, Hexameter, Tot, Cadence, Tripody, Single-foot, Amphimacer, Pedal extremity, Wobble, Shuffle, Hoof, Anacrusis, Fore-and-aft sail, Forepaw, Sizzle, Drift, Straggle, Cloth, Saunter, Frame, Make knots, Dactyl, Ball the jack, Fly low, Prance, Jaywalk, Heroic couplet, Counterpoint, Muslin, Hobble, Boltrope, Zip, Fetlock, Sweep, Chloriamb, Go fast

Meaning of Foot & Foot Definition