Definition of Food:

  1. Any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb in order to maintain life and growth.

  2. Edible or potable substance (usually of animal or plant origin), consisting of nourishing and nutritive components such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, essential mineral and vitamins, which (when ingested and assimilated through digestion) sustains life, generates energy, and provides growth, maintenance, and health of the body.

Synonyms of Food

Aliment, Bread, Chow, Comestibles, Commons, Eatables, Eats, Edibles, Feed, Foodstuff, Foodstuffs, Grub, Meat, Nourishment, Nurture, Nutriment, Pabulum, Pap, Provender, Provisions, Rations, Scoff, Subsistence, Sustenance, Tuck, Viands, Victuals, Nourishment, Sustenance, Nutriment, Subsistence, Fare, Bread, Daily bread

How to use Food in a sentence?

  1. While a person can only survive for about 3 days without any water, you can survive without food for about 3 weeks before you need to eat anything.
  2. Food can be very healthy and flavorful, but you have to watch what you eat because food can be dangerous.
  3. When you are having an office party it is a good idea to get a wide variety of food to suit everyones needs.
  4. We need food and water.

Meaning of Food & Food Definition

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Botox For Forehead Wrinkles