Food additive

Food additive,

Definition of Food additive:

  1. Functional substances that are not normally used per meal or used as food ingredients, but are intentionally (usually in small amounts) added to foods so that food To assist in the processing of products or to enhance certain properties, such as taste, color, consistency, flavor. Texture, packaging and / or expiration date. Supplements are not considered nutritious, although they do have nutritional value.

  2. Substances are added to foods to improve their taste, appearance or protection.

How to use Food additive in a sentence?

  1. I was surprised when I saw the label of McN cheese which contained yellow food # 5.
  2. Fiber-rich foods are believed to speed up digestion through the intestines and prevent your body from absorbing food flavors that have the potential to cause cancer.
  3. The company found that the foods tested in the uncertainty control group had an immediate laxative effect, and there were not enough showers to accommodate that group.
  4. I barely knew that they were made after the addition of food additives and that made me lose confidence in food.

Meaning of Food additive & Food additive Definition