Definition of Fond:

  1. Assemblage of linked or associated documents or records.

  2. Having an affection or liking for.

Synonyms of Fond

Keen on, Partial to, Addicted to, Enthusiastic about, Passionate about, Addicted to, Adoring, Affectionate, Apish, Asinine, Aspiring, Assured, Attached to, Batty, Befooled, Beguiled, Besotted, Bootless, Brainless, Buffoonish, Caring, Cockeyed, Confident, Conjugal, Crazy, Credulous, Daffy, Daft, Dazed, Dear, Demonstrative, Devoted, Dizzy, Doting, Dumb, Easily taken in, Easy of belief, Empty, Expectant, Faithful, Fatuitous, Fatuous, Filial, Flaky, Fond of, Fool, Foolheaded, Foolish, Fuddled, Full of hope, Futile, Gaga, Goofy, Gulled, Hooked on, Hopeful, Hoping, Husbandly, Idiotic, Imbecile, In good heart, In hopes, Inane, Inclined to believe, Indulgent, Inept, Infatuated, Insane, Kooky, Languishing, Lonesome, Loony, Lovelorn, Lovesick, Lovesome, Loving, Mad, Maternal, Maudlin, Melting, Moronic, Naive, Nutty, Of good cheer, Of good hope, Overconfiding, Overcredulous, Overtrustful, Overtrusting, Parental, Partial to, Paternal, Responsive, Romantic, Sanguine, Sappy, Screwy, Senseless, Sentimental, Silly, Soft, Stupid, Superstitious, Sympathetic, Tender, Thoughtless, Trustful, Trusting, Uncritical, Undespairing, Undoubting, Unskeptical, Unsuspecting, Unsuspicious, Upbeat, Uxorious, Vain, Wacky, Warm, Wet, Wifely, Witless

How to use Fond in a sentence?

  1. Im very fond of Mike.

Meaning of Fond & Fond Definition