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Follow Form,

How To Define Follow Form?

  1. Follow Form means, If the provisions of the Framework Policy follow the basic policies regarding the application of the provisions. The following form also indicates an additional liability policy that follows the guidelines contained under most provisions of the policy. Policies may be independent for certain exceptions, conditions, etc., while referring to basic coverage for most terms. This type of insurance form is usually used in addition to the planned basic insurance and usually includes the requirement that the policyholder maintain the basic insurance on a permanent basis.

  2. Policy Master Clause which adheres to the basic policy for coverage and policy terms

Literal Meanings of Follow Form


Meanings of Follow:
  1. Go back or travel back (in front of the person or object) go or come back.

  2. Come later or ok

  3. To act in accordance with (instructions or orders)

  4. Attention (some)

  5. Exercise (profession or profession)

Sentences of Follow
  1. She came home and Ben followed her

  2. Six years after rehabilitation

  3. Difficulty following written instructions

  4. I have been watching this debate closely

Synonyms of Follow

come behind, come after, go behind, go after, walk behind, tread on the heels of, act in accordance with, abide by, adhere to, stick to, keep to, comply with, conform to, obey, observe, heed, pay attention to, note, have regard to, mind


Meanings of Form:
  1. The visible shape or arrangement of something.

  2. A special form in which an object exists or appears.

  3. The type or variation of something.

  4. The general or correct method or procedure that is usually followed.

  5. The shape, frame or block in which something is hidden.

  6. Hidden documents with spaces for entering information.

  7. Class or academic year, usually with a certain number

  8. The condition of the athlete or sports team in relation to their current level of performance.

  9. Long stools without back.

  10. Spelling variations

  11. Rabbit nest

  12. Put the pieces together or put them together (some)

  13. Shape or draw.

Sentences of Form
  1. The shape, color and texture of the tree

  2. His obsession is compulsive training

  3. Sponsorship is a form of advertising

  4. Excessive concern about legal and precedent

  5. Registration form

  6. The fifth method

  7. The disease affects its form

Synonyms of Form

shape, configuration, formation, conformation, structure, construction, arrangement, disposition, appearance, outward appearance, outward form, exterior, manifestation, embodiment, incarnation, semblance, guise, character, description, expression, kind, sort, type, order, class, classification, category, variety