Folio Number

Folio Number,

What is The Meaning of Folio Number?

In mutual funds, the folio number is a unique number that identifies your account with these funds. Like bank account numbers, folio numbers can be used to identify individual investors in mutual funds. Folio numbers also record things like how much each investor has spent in the fund, their transaction history and contact details.

  • Folio numbers are a useful digital tracking tool that you can use to track investments.
  • Lawyers, bank lenders and investors often use folio numbers in their business.
  • Mutual funds use folio numbers to identify accounts.
  • The folio number is also a way to place a purchase order.

Literal Meanings of Folio Number


Meanings of Folio:
  1. A sheet of paper or glasses is numbered on the front or front and is widely presented as part of a series or as part of a bound volume.

Sentences of Folio
  1. "By returning and placing it under the glass, the leaves can be handled with care and all the faces can be photographed," he said.

Synonyms of Folio

folio, side, sheet, leaf


Meanings of Number:
  1. Mathematical values ​​are expressed as words, symbols, or numbers that represent a particular quantity and are used to count, count, or indicate a sequence on a line.

  2. Many or many

  3. Magazine issue.

  4. Different types of words that refer to a person or thing or people.

  5. Contains set (specific quantity or quantity)

  6. Usually dial or assign a number to indicate a position on a line.

  7. Add or rate as a group member.

Sentences of Number
  1. He dialed the number carefully

  2. The company wants to increase the number of women workers

  3. The form of the noun in English reflects their number and gender

  4. There were more than 5,000 protesters

  5. Each document has a consecutive number

  6. The orchestra is furious with its former conductors

Synonyms of Number

include, integer, specify by number, quantity, copy, come to, edition, count, mark with a number, numeral, issue, figure, add up to, total, assign a number to, amount, digit, amount to, categorize by number