Focus List

Focus List,

What is The Definition of Focus List?

  1. Definition of Focus List: The list of companies recommended by investment companies and their shares can be bought and sold.

Literal Meanings of Focus List


Meanings of Focus:
  1. Center of interest or activity.

  2. The state or quality of having or developing a clear visual definition.

  3. One of the fixed points from which the distance of any point on a given curve, such as an ellipse or a parabola, is connected by a linear relation.

  4. The part of the sentence that stands out, usually to highlight or vice versa, for example, is the chapter that appears, not the bill.

  5. (A person or their eyes) can adapt to current light levels and see clearly.

  6. Pay special attention to it.

  7. Pay attention to (part of the sentence).

Sentences of Focus
  1. This generation preferred the environment

  2. His face is a little blurred

  3. A triangular triangle formed by three tangents to the perbola through the perforation of the perbola.

  4. Try to focus on the stationery item

  5. The study will focus on several areas of Wales.

Synonyms of Focus

centre, anchor, cynosure, nucleus, give emphasis to, put stress on, emphasize, focus on, centre of attention, make a feature of, bring home, bedrock, lay stress on, spotlight, highlight, point of convergence, focal point, accentuate, stress, accent, call attention to, heart, foreground, focus attention on, throw into relief


Meanings of List:
  1. Make a list of

  2. Prepare for military service.

  3. Multiple elements or related names are written or hidden one after the other, usually one below the other.

  4. Obstacles that limit the area for the Knights tournament.

  5. The end of the piece of cloth.

  6. Tilted to one side, usually due to leakage or unbalanced load.

  7. An example of a ship leaning to one side.

  8. You want to love

  9. Desire or inclination.

Sentences of List
  1. I have listed four reasons below.

  2. See list of drugs on page 326

  3. The boat is poorly registered

  4. The walls of the gallery stand at an angle to the sea floor to reflect the sailboat bounce.

Synonyms of List

write down, tilt, listicle, lean over, enumeration, catalogue, pitch, bank, note down, docket, slant, table, keel over, toss, roll, incline, record, tabulation, cant, lean, set down