Flyaways By Ears

Flyaways By Ears

Usually with my ears and curls? 3

My hair is very long, very thick, random and wavy, up to three inches from my elbows. I still have 2 inch wavy locks in my ears and I wear my hair every day to make it more visible, but I have to wear my own because I am not the most beautiful.

There are also small ruffles around my section and they are very curly on my head (by the way).

I really need help getting rid of them!

I use my hair daily for 2 years and if I want to use it I have to get rid of this problem!

And one final note, the water didn't help, the pile was piled up, looked good and was out of my head. The hair pins didn't work and the hair spray left my hair crisp and dirty.

So, I need a very simple job and I have already shown that it will be exciting!

It looks like my hair.

It's called baby hair and you can't do much.

Try to use your hair, it will hide it better.

When I don't want to mess up, I twist and tangle my hair.

Don't embarrass your hair!

Trust me, I have the same hair as you, except that I talked to my stylist and some PCs slowly took care of my hair, but I still have those curls. Now whenever I apply my hair I wear thick 1 inch wide headbands and that's what they do, but now that my hair is back I can wear them more often and I don't have this problem.

=) Okay and maybe the next time you cut your hair you can ask your barber what you can do to fix your hair. It worked for me.

Well, if you have a lot of time to cut or trim your hair, thin the bottom of the head and keep the top layer. For your information, if you hold your hair all the time, the tape will damage the hair shaft, which can also cause tingling. Try conditioner without rinsing. And to repel flies, try some deer hair. It leaves your hair crisp and wet if you use it too much, but it will definitely stay on your scalp, so give it a try! Oh, you have to use poo even when your hair is wet, which makes it sticky.

I had the same problem and your hair spray or hair gel works better. When you get it, wash it to smooth it out.

Flyaways By Ears

Flyaways By Ears

Have you ever tried to straighten your hair? If you have one and it doesn't work, ask your mom if you can relax in the room. Or xylene iron. This keeps your hair straight, which can eliminate tangles! =]

Flyaways By Ears