Definition of Flush:

  1. By running large amounts of water through clean water (things, especially bathrooms).

  2. Sales: The amount allocated for sales commissions, but not paid because one of the sellers was qualified to receive them (has not yet developed the required volume of sales). This amount is refunded to the company's cash flow.

  3. (Skin, face, etc.) is red and hot, usually due to illness or strong emotions.

  4. The act of cleaning something from a sudden flow of water.

  5. Follow the wild birds of your taste.

  6. Redness of the face, skin, etc. is usually caused by illness or strong emotions.

  7. Sends fresh shoots (from plants).

  8. Document layout: Vertical alignment of text. Left-linked (or left-linked) text aligns with the left edge of the page. Right attached (or right aligned) text is attached to the right edge of the page.

  9. Remove it (birds, especially birds or wildlife) from the blanket.

  10. A sudden surge of emotion.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Flush


Origin of word Flush

Early 16th century from French flux (formerly flus), from Latin fluxus ‘a flow’(see flux the use in cards can be compared with English run).

Synonyms of Flush

Productive, Blanch, Douse, Running over, Robust, Luxuriant, Continued fever, Bloom, Hearty, Sunburned, Rolling in money, Coloring, Snap, Abounding in riches, Kerplunk, Flow in, Surge back, Well-fixed, Febricity, Snarl, Laving, Ruddiness, Soaking, Fascinate, Ample, Flat, Ablution, Flow out, Level, Rouge, Overflowing, Tub, Full to bursting, Tickle, Heat, Cards, Pudency, Rubber, Exactly, Beat, Eruptive fever, Even, Solvent, Roll, Scouring, Feverishness, Rosiness, Exuberant, Well-furnished, Square, Florid, Shoot, Shower, Blowzed, Prodigal, Bounteous, Rinsing, Hectic, Spout, Feverish, Whiteness, Pink, Hale and hearty, Percolate, Sport, Turn pale, Irrigation, Singleton, Rubicund, Flare, Well-heeled, Fertile, Shikar, Elution, Geyser, Smoothed out, Delight, Whiten, Leach, Blaze, Frown, Emotional health, Bloom, Stirring, Squirm with self-consciousness, Standing room only, Douche, Bursting, Fresh, Be in heat, Issue, Rinse, Excite, Prosperous, Blood, Waterlog, Vigorous, Inexhaustible, Holystone, Grow red, Rose, Equalize, Shine, Flatways, Profusive, Blowzy, Fell, Full house, Titillate, Hunt, Topful, Irrigate, Puerperal fever, Fresh as April, Infuse, Wiping up, Well-off, Generous, Surge, Strong, Lixiviate, Incandesce, Homaloidal, Boot, Remittent fever, Lay flat, Healthy-looking, Pyrexia, Teeming, Smooth, Made of money, Broil, Lay, Wallowing in wealth, Baptize, Fat, Smooth out, Pinkish, Euphoria, Scald, Lusty, Dislodge, Moneyed, Choke, Prevailing, Reddish, On Easy Street, Toast, Vital, Colour, Blush, Color, Rufescence, Warm color, Ruddy, Cram-full, Rush, Falcon, Full-blooded, Rolled, Look black, Soaping, Launder, Washing up, Flare up, Independent, Tabloid, Run, Fire, Seethe, Provided for, Gloss, Scowl, Clean out, Spang, Mental health, Rich, Arousal, Intermittent fever, Youthful, Copious, Steam, Fever, Bower, Flatten, Burn, Spark, Swab, Rosiness, Well-found, Afterglow, Smother, Shimmer with heat, Packed, Steep, Skylight, Excitement, Spritz, Wash, Delirium, Glow, Glint, Smack, High-coloured, Sanguine, Jack, Douching, Change color, Shudder, Scrubbing up, Health, Wound fever, Syringe, Flushed, Combust, Sensation, Sponging, Flatwise, Candescence, Fever heat, Chuck-full, Uplift, Round, Jollies, Numerous, Drenching, Mop up, Pink, Hectic fever, Jet, Fount, Elutriation, Plump, Ruddy-faced, Packed like sardines, Joker, Disgustingly rich, Remittent, Chase, Hygeia, Brimming, Aglow, Congested, Plane, Inject, Well-to-do, Enema, Lave, Urethral fever, Bouncing, Ready to burst, Rase, Satiated, Blooming, Diffuse, Independently rich, Go hunting, Stalwart, Horizontal, Ebb, Lengthways, Turn color, Titillation, Glare, Prowl after, Roast, Expel, Lathering, Adjacent, Ruddy, Inundation, Lavish, Sunset glow, Drive, Redness, Deck, Warm, Course, Ruddy-complexioned, Radiance, Cleanse, In plenty, Pale, Animation, Boil, Blush, Point-blank, Squashed, Straight, Aplenty, Swelter, Hardy, Lengthwise, Burnt, Rugged, Warmth, Kick, Hunt down, Bath, Align, Capacity, Tremor, Lavabo, Flush out, Farci, Raze, Hale, Sluice out, Roll flat, Mopping up, Gasp, Smolder, Do proud, Crimson, Saturate, Crammed, Cleaning out, Flame up, Brimful, Send up, Lay level, Ruff, Queen, Soaked, Physical condition, Red-fleshed, Make, Give a thrill, Gratify, Cheer, Stalk, Right, Plentiful, Pair, Hectic flush, Swabbing, Many, Deuce, Mantle, Drench, Glowing, Playing cards, Oofy, Much, Sodden, Physical fitness, Quickening, Pudicity, All-sufficing, Thrill, Trodden, Permeate, Plenary, Cook, Sponge, Robustuous, Superabundant, Chock-full, Redden, Flatly, Plenitudinous, Tabular, Rubicund, Fountain, Brew, Imbue, Purge, Stew, Abounding, Plenteous, Spurtle, Plop, Lavation, Extravagant, Plain, Robustious, Healthy glow, Stifle, Trodden flat, Stout, Regurgitate, Relapsing fever, Exhaustless, Vaccinal fever, Flushing, Crimsoning, Quiver, Bountiful, Make proud, On a level, Smoothened, Effuse, Gargle, In funds, Steamroll, Surge of emotion, Empty, Mopping, Drive, Lavage, Infiltrate, Impassion, Turn red, Shampoo, Spew, Dummy, Stuffed, Spurt, Bathe, Overstuffed, Trey, Rush of emotion, Shining light, Washup, Precisely, At full length, Radiate heat, Florid, Suffocate, Best bower, Exalt, Maximal, Rosy, Simmer, Spouter, Ace, Dog, Sop, Grade, Royal flush, Knave, True, Burning, Rude, Febrility, Red-complexioned, Flood, Wash up, Trail, Ride to hounds, SRO, Smoothen, Flushing out, Suffusion, Directly, High colour, Flow, In quantity, Rife, Bake, Ritually immerse, Well-stocked, Comfortable, Roseate, Profuse, Washout, Darken, Liberal, Lay low, Chase, Blossom, Scare, King, Big-rich, Fieriness, Sluice, Animate, Scrubbing, Left bower, Intoxicate, Frightfully rich, Glower, Squashed flat, Tingle, Sweat, Lift, Hand, Wealthy, Well-provided, Plenty, Childbed fever, Affluent, Next to, Spades, Jam-packed, Lay out, Encourage, Pinkness, Washing, Trick, Reddening, Wholesale, Evenly, Start, Luster, Swollen, Spray, Trend, Charge, Toivel, Squirt, Rich as Croesus, Shiver, Soak, Scour, Pour, Riotous, Deluge, Face cards, Gladden, Tingling, Independently wealthy, Smack-dab, Bulging, Abundant, Shininess, Rampant, Stammer, Spit, Luxurious, Rosy, Soap, Follow the hounds, Hawk, Elation, Loaded, Fry, Rubefacient, Flow back, Calenture, Incandescence, Protein fever, Trump, Hose down, Continuous, Drouk, Pack, Set, Lay down, Hearts, Elate, Replete, Pant, Quicken, In the money, Stream, Sheen, Wash out, Rosy-cheeked, Horizontally, Flicker, Passion, Arouse, Glowing, Rinse out, Elevate, Macerate, Fitness, Steamroller, Growl, Red-faced, Bottomless, Squarely, Lower, Souse, Overfull, Imbrue, Stir, Discharge, Flame, Well-being, Overflow, Red, Epidemic, Encouragement, Flaming, Look daggers, Plumb, Blushing, Warmth of color, Mop, Mantling, Rubescence, Gush, Gun, Plunk, Still-hunt, Impregnate, Full, Scorch, Bang, Gleam, Tremor of excitement, Clubs, Scrub, Hyperthermia, Green, Water fever, Diamonds, Force, Well provided for, Lather, Prevalent, Galore, Air glow, Flattened, Font, Inflame, Parch, Gnarl, Fowl, Sturdy, Color up, Saturated, Frighten, Opulent, Hound, Reddening, Surfeited, Filled, Track, Hyperpyrexia, Jacklight, Picture cards

How to use Flush in a sentence?

  1. Older toilets use six to seven gallons per flush.
  2. Mr. Cunningham was furious.
  3. The dogs collect the birds when they come down.
  4. I was overwhelmed with joy.
  5. The nurse opened the catheter.
  6. There was a long look of embarrassment on his cheek.
  7. Tetra has been taken out of the forest.
  8. Unloading of the factory started at the end of March.

Meaning of Flush & Flush Definition