Definition of Flow:

  1. General: Measurement of change over time. A quantity (such as expense, investment, or usage) takes meaning only when time is taken into account.

  2. (of a solid) undergo a permanent change of shape under stress, without melting.

  3. (of a fluid, gas, or electricity) move along or out steadily and continuously in a current or stream.

  4. The action or fact of moving along in a steady, continuous stream.

  5. Lean production: Movement of goods or services along the value stream from raw materials to the customer without backflow, stoppages, or waste.

  6. The gradual permanent deformation of a solid under stress, without melting.

  7. A steady, continuous stream of something.

  8. Go from one place to another in a steady stream, typically in large numbers.

Synonyms of Flow

Run, Move, Go along, Course, Pass, Proceed, Glide, Slide, Drift, Circulate, Trickle, Dribble, Drizzle, Spill, Gurgle, Babble, Ripple, Movement, Moving, Locomotion, Rise and fall, Shifting, Stirring, To and fro, Toing and froing, Coming and going, Movement, Motion, Course, Passage, Current, Flux, Drift, Circulation, Atticism, Brownian movement, Abound, Abundance, Accrue from, Advance, Affluence, Afflux, Affluxion, Air flow, Ample sufficiency, Ampleness, Amplitude, Angular motion, Appropriateness, Arise, Arise from, Ascend, Ascending, Ascent, Avalanche, Axial motion, Back, Back up, Backflowing, Backing, Backward motion, Bag, Be contingent on, Be due to, Be effortless, Be painless, Begin, Blow out, Bonanza, Bountifulness, Bountiousness, Brim, Bristle with, Bubble, Bud from, Budge, Bumper crop, Burble, Career, Cascade, Change, Change place, Chasteness, Chastity, Chylifaction, Chylification, Circle, Circulate, Clarity, Classicalism, Classicism, Clearness, Climb, Climbing, Coast, Coasting, Come, Come from, Come out of, Comeliness, Commute, Concourse, Confluence, Conflux, Continuance, Continuation, Continue, Continuity, Copiousness, Correctness, Course, Cover, Cover ground, Crawl, Crawl with, Creep with, Crosscurrent, Current, Daggle, Dangle, Defluxion, Deluge, Depend, Depend on, Derive from, Descend, Descend from, Descending, Descent, Dignity, Direct tide, Directness, Discharge, Discrimination, Disembogue, Distinction, Downflow, Downpour, Downward motion, Drabble, Drag, Draggle, Drain, Drain out, Drape, Drift, Driftage, Droop, Ease, Ebb, Ebb and flow, Ebb tide, Ebbing, Effusion, Egestion, Ejaculation, Ejection, Elapse, Elegance, Elegancy, Elimination, Emanate, Emanate from, Emerge from, Emission, Emit, Empty, Endure, Ensue from, Excess, Excretion, Exhaust, Expire, Extravagance, Extravasation, Extrusion, Exuberance, Exuberate, Exudation, Facility, Fall, Fare, Fare forth, Felicitousness, Felicity, Fertility, Fetch, Find vent, Finish, Fittingness, Flap, Flight, Flit, Flood, Flood tide, Flop, Flow back, Flow from, Flow in, Flow on, Flow out, Flowing, Flowing periods, Fluency, Fluidity, Fluidness, Flush, Flux, Flux and reflux, Fluxility, Fluxion, Fly, Foison, Follow from, Forward motion, Full measure, Full tide, Fullness, Gang, Generosity, Generousness, Germinate from, Get over, Give no trouble, Give off, Glide, Gliding, Glissade, Go, Go along, Go around, Go by, Go easily, Go like clockwork, Go on, Go round, Go sideways, Good taste, Grace, Gracefulness, Gracility, Great abundance, Great plenty, Grow from, Grow out of, Gurgle, Gush, Gush out, Gyrate, Hang, Hang down, Hang on, Head, Hie, High tide, High water, Hinge on, Ice-skate, Inflood, Inflow, Inpour, Inrush, Issue, Issue from, Jet, Juiciness, Lactation, Lactescence, Landslide, Lapse, Last, Lavishness, Liberality, Liberalness, Limpidity, Liquefaction, Liquidness, Lop, Lots, Low tide, Low water, Lucidity, Lunar tide, Luxuriance, Make, Maximum, Milkiness, Mill run, Millrace, Moisture, More than enough, Mount, Mounting, Move, Move along, Move on, Move over, Movement, Much, Myriad, Myriads, Naturalness, Neap, Neap tide, Neatness, Nod, Numerousness, Oblique motion, Ongoing, Onrush, Onward course, Opposite tide, Opulence, Opulency, Originate, Originate in, Outflow, Outpour, Outpouring, Overflow, Overflowing, Overspread, Pass, Pass by, Passage, Pellucidity, Pend, Perspicuity, Plainness, Plenitude, Plenteousness, Plentifulness, Plenty, Plethora, Plunge, Plunging, Poetry, Polish, Pour, Pour in, Pour out, Present no difficulties, Press on, Prevalence, Proceed, Proceed from, Prodigality, Productiveness, Profuseness, Profusion, Progress, Progression, Proliferate, Propriety, Pullulate, Purity, Purl, Quantities, Race, Radial motion, Rain, Random motion, Refinement, Reflowing, Refluence, Reflux, Regress, Regression, Regurgitate, Repleteness, Repletion, Restraint, Retrogress, Retrogression, Rheuminess, Rich harvest, Rich vein, Richness, Riot, Riotousness, Rip, Ripple, Riptide, Rise, Rising, Roll, Roll on, Roller-skate, Rotate, Run, Run its course, Run on, Run out, Run over, Run smoothly, Rush, Sag, Sail, Sailing, Sappiness, Sashay, Scads, Secretion, Seemliness, Sequence, Series, Serosity, Set, Shift, Shower, Sideslip, Sideward motion, Simplicity, Sink, Sinking, Skate, Skateboard, Skating, Ski, Skid, Skiing, Skim, Sled, Sledding, Sleigh, Slide, Sliding, Slip, Slipping, Slither, Slithering, Sluice, Sluice out, Smoothness, Soar, Soaring, Solar tide, Spate, Spew, Spew out, Spill, Spin, Spout, Spout out, Spread, Spring, Spring from, Spring tide, Sprout from, Spurt, Squirt, Stem, Stem from, Sternway, Stir, Straightforwardness, Stream, Subside, Subsiding, Substantiality, Substantialness, Succession, Succulence, Superabundance, Supply, Suppuration, Surge, Surge back, Swag, Swarm, Swarm with, Sweep, Sweeping, Swing, Swirl, Taste, Tastefulness, Teem, Teem with, Teemingness, Terseness, Thalassometer, Tidal amplitude, Tidal current, Tidal current chart, Tidal flow, Tidal range, Tide, Tide chart, Tide gate, Tide gauge, Tide race, Tide rip, Tidewater, Tideway, Tobogganing, Trail, Traject, Trajet, Transudation, Travel, Trend, Trickle, Turbulence, Turn on, Unaffectedness, Undercurrent, Undertow, Upward motion, Vomit forth, Wane, Water flow, Wateriness, Wayfare, Wealth, Weep, Well, Well out, Wend, Whirl, Work well

How to use Flow in a sentence?

  1. Analysis of seismic waves show that the material that makes up the mantle behaves as a plastic - a substance with the properties of a solid but flows under pressure.
  2. It was much easier to go with the flow and do what the group said, because if you didnt they might hurt you.
  3. Some products do not have a steady flow out from your stores but when they start selling they go fast.
  4. The firm is hoping the orders will keep flowing in.
  5. From here the river flows north.
  6. The flow was observable and quantifiable with our keen analysis practices being utilized fully under the new management team from Boston.
  7. The flow of water into the pond.
  8. She eased the car into the flow of traffic.

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