Flor Rosa De Saron

Flor Rosa De Saron

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Scientific name: Husqvarna Syriac.

Axis names: Rosadesarom, Altàia iaarbustiva, Hiscocolunar, HiscodasÃÂria, Mimo, RosadasÃÂria, RosadesharÃÂo

Family: Malvaceae

Categories: Shrubs, Tropical Shrubs, Living Fences, Perennial Flowers.

Climate: Equatorial, Mediterranean, Marine, Climate, Mild, Tropical.

Original: Dirt

Height: 1.2 to 1.8 meters, 1.8 to 2.4 meters, 2.4 to 3.0 meters.

Light: Full sun

Life cycle: perennial.

Rosadesarom is a shrub with many florifera and twelve permanent flowering hairs. It has fibrous, ■■■■■ and branched cabbage. Folas are oval to lanceolate, alternating, sticky, shiny, with trimmed edges and dark green. Like flowers, they can be simple or golden and can grow all year round or during, but isolated but often in spring and summer. A variety of ocean vegetation, red, purple, blue or nap, is found and common among these centers. Hummingbirds and butterflies are as attractive as flowers.

The fragrance of roses is widely used without landscaping, isolated, planted in clusters or rows, informal or formal. This makes for an excellent fence that is both rustic and plentiful at the same time. The only door to the media, I reached a height of about 33 meters. It has medium-sized plants, open and natural glass in the shape of a cup. As you can see, it becomes more compact and takes other formats. The scent of a rose can also be thought of as a tree, which has the same crown and round cup. Perfect physical condition on narrow sidewalks, this wave of large trees will be disproportionate. Flowers are only appreciated by the commission and can be delicious or delicious. The leaves are also very fragrant if you make tea.

It should be grown in full sun, only fertile, it can be dried, rich in organic matter and watered. A rosadesarom - tolerates cold and mild cold that worsens in mild winter areas. Can be used without light, peas only tolerate salts. News Fertilizer in spring, summer and autumn stimulates vigorous vegetation and leaves highly impressive plants. Clean pruning, training or regeneration is only necessary for this type and should not be done in winter. Multiply by double and simile pin and t.

Flor Rosa De Saron