How To Define Floors?

  1. Floors refers to See Lower Lower Limits for Taxes and Losses, such as medical expenses. Taxpayers should spend more than the minimum amount for deductions, and only the minimum amount can be deducted.

Meanings of Floors

  1. Prepare the floor (room or room).

  2. Hitting (someone) on the ground, especially with a chuck.

  3. Lower floor of the interior room.

  4. All rooms or areas on the same level in a one-story building.

  5. The part of the House (in the Legislative Assembly) where the deputies sit and speak.

Sentences of Floors

  1. Bedroom with yellow wood floor

  2. Wood floor

  3. An apartment on the third floor

  4. I don't need Labor MPs shouting around the house and telling me what to do.

Synonyms of Floors

bring down, level, storey, flooring, tier, fell, deck, knock over, knock down, ground, rugby-tackle, prostrate