Definition of Floor:

  1. The lower surface of a room, on which one may walk.

  2. Alternative term to story, used as a unit of building height. In UK, the floor above the street level floor (ground floor) is called the first floor (or second story). In US, the numbering of floors is the same as the numbering of stories.

  3. (1) A floor is the lowest acceptable limit as restricted by controlling parties, usually involved in the management of corporations. Floors can be established for a number of factors, including prices, wages, interest rates, underwriting standards, and bonds. Some types of floors, such as underwriting floors, act as mere guidelines while others, such as price and wage floors, are regulatory constraints that restrict the natural behavior of free markets.

  4. All the rooms or areas on the same level of a building; a story.

  5. Lowermost preset limit of a range, or the maximum limit below which a quantity (such as an interest rate, inventory level, selling price) is not allowed to fall under a rule, or the terms of an agreement or contract. And passing which a penalty or remedial measure is triggered. Opposite of ceiling.

  6. There are several meanings for a floor in finance. A floor may refer to: (1) the lowest acceptable limit by controlling parties; (2) a guaranteed lowest level for an interest rate; (3) the trading space of a physical exchange.

  7. Trading area of an exchange.

  8. Knock (someone) to the ground, especially with a punch.

  9. (in a legislative assembly) the part of the house in which members sit and from which they speak.

  10. Provide (a room or area) with a floor.

Synonyms of Floor

Knock down, Knock over, Bring down, Fell, Rugby-tackle, Prostrate, Addle, Agora, Amaze, Amphitheater, Answer, Answer conclusively, Arena, Argue down, Asphalt, Astonish, Astound, Athletic field, Auditorium, Background, Baffle, Balcony, Bamboozle, Band, Base, Basement, Basin, Basis, Bear garden, Bearing wall, Beat, Bed, Bedding, Bedrock, Belt, Best, Bewilder, Billiard table, Blacktop, Blow down, Blow over, Boarding, Boggle, Border line, Bottom, Bottom price, Bound, Boundary, Boundary condition, Boundary line, Bourn, Bowl, Bowl down, Bowl over, Bowling green, Boxing ring, Break boundary, Breakoff point, Bring down, Buffalo, Bull ring, Bulldog, Business index, Campus, Canvas, Carpet, Cast down, Catafalque, Causeway, Ceiling, Ceiling price, Cement, Channel, Chop down, Circumscription, Circus, Clerestory, Cobblestone, Cockpit, Coliseum, Colosseum, Compass, Concrete, Confine, Confound, Confuse, Confute, Conquer, Consumer price index, Contradict, Controvert, Cost-of-living index, Couche, Coulee, Course, Cover, Crush, Cut down, Cutoff, Cutoff point, Dais, Dash down, Daze, Dead flat, Dead level, Deadline, Deck, Defeat, Delimitation, Demand curve, Demolish, Deny, Destroy, Determinant, Disconcert, Dismiss, Dispose of, Division line, Down, Drop, Drub, Dumbfound, Earth, Emplacement, End, Entresol, Esplanade, Estrade, Extremity, Fell, Fetch down, Field, Finish, First floor, Flag, Flat, Flatland, Flatten, Floor covering, Floor price, Flooring, Fond, Footing, Forum, Foundation, Frontier, Fuddle, Fundament, Fundamental, Gallery, Get, Ground, Ground floor, Grounds, Groundwork, Gym, Gymnasium, Hall, Hardpan, Hedge, Heliport, Hew down, High-water mark, Hippodrome, Homaloid, Horizontal, Horizontal axis, Horizontal fault, Horizontal line, Horizontal parallax, Horizontal plane, Horizontal projection, Hustings, Inflation, Inflationary spiral, Interface, Keep in suspense, Knock down, Knock over, Landing, Landing pad, Landing stage, Launching pad, Lay level, Lay low, Lay out, Layer, Ledge, Level, Level line, Level plane, Lick, Limen, Limit, Limitation, Limiting factor, Line, Line of demarcation, Lists, Locale, Low-water mark, Lower limit, Lowest level, March, Mark, Marketplace, Mat, Maze, Mean sea level, Measures, Metal, Mete, Mezzanine, Mezzanine floor, Milieu, Minimum, Mow down, Muddle, Mystify, Nonplus, Ocean bottom, Open forum, Overcome, Overlayer, Overmaster, Overmatch, Overpower, Overset, Overstory, Overthrow, Overturn, Overwhelm, Palaestra, Parade ground, Parquet, Parry, Parterre, Pave, Pavement, Paving, Pebble, Perplex, Pit, Place, Plain, Plane, Planking, Platform, Podium, Prairie, Precinct, Precipitate, Price ceiling, Price index, Price level, Principle, Prize ring, Prostrate, Public square, Pull down, Pulpit, Purlieu, Put to silence, Puzzle, Radical, Range, Rase, Raze, Rebut, Reduce to silence, Refute, Rez-de-chaussee, Ring, Riprap, Rising prices, Rock bottom, Rostrum, Rout, Rudiment, Scene, Scene of action, Scenery, Sea level, Sea of grass, Seam, Seat, Send flying, Send headlong, Setting, Settle, Shelf, Shock, Shut up, Silence, Sill, Site, Smash all opposition, Soapbox, Solid ground, Solid rock, Sphere, Spread-eagle, Squared circle, Squash, Squelch, Stadium, Stage, Stage set, Stage setting, Start, Starting line, Starting point, Step, Step terrace, Steppe, Stereobate, Stick, Story, Stratum, Street floor, Stump, Stylobate, Substratum, Substruction, Substructure, Subvert, Superstratum, Supinate, Surfacing, Surmount, Surprise, Table, Take down, Tar, Target date, Term, Terminal date, Terminus, Terra firma, Terrace, Terrain, Theater, Thickness, Thrash, Threshold, Throw, Throw down, Tier, Tilting ground, Tiltyard, Time allotment, Top price, Topple, Topsoil, Tribunal, Tribune, Trip, Trip up, Trounce, Tumble, Underbuilding, Undercarriage, Undergirding, Underlayer, Undermine, Underpinning, Understory, Understratum, Understruction, Understructure, Upper limit, Upset, Walk, Water level, Whack down, Whip, Worst, Wrestling ring, Zone, Storey, Level, Tier, Deck, Ground, Flooring

How to use Floor in a sentence?

  1. A third-floor apartment.
  2. I do not need those Labour members to shout across the floor of the House and tell me what to do.
  3. A floor can mean multiple things in finance, including the lowest acceptable limit, the lowest guaranteed limit, or a physical space where trading occurs.
  4. A stone-floored building.
  5. Other floors are set by a company or person to assure that a price or limit covers their costs and doesn't fall below a certain level.
  6. Some floors, such as the minimum wage, are set by regulatory authorities.
  7. He dropped the cup and it smashed on the floor.

Meaning of Floor & Floor Definition



An agreement under which the seller must pay the buyer, where each payment is based on default values, sometimes called rent or reserve price, reference price, level, performance or multiple price. Also known more basic interest.

Floor can be defined as, The term used when talking about inventory. The stock cannot be priced below the limit. This is the real value of the stock less than the normal profit margin supply.

Meanings of Floor

  1. Provides a destination (room or area).

  2. Hitting (someone) on the floor, especially with a blow.

  3. Downstairs to enter.

  4. All rooms or areas on the same floor in the ground floor building.

  5. The part of the House (in the Legislative Assembly) where members sit and speak.

Sentences of Floor

  1. A stone building

  2. He drops the cup and falls to the floor

  3. An apartment on the third floor

  4. I don't need this Labor MP to shout on the floor and tell me what to do.


What is The Definition of Floor?

An agreement in which the seller is required to pay the buyer, each payment is based on the amount where the default amount, sometimes called the ray rate, the standard of one or more basic interests, Level, performance or price.

Floor definition is: The term used for inventor. The value of inventories cannot be less than r, which is the net worth of inventories, which is less than the allowance for general profit margin.

Meanings of Floor

  1. Lower floor of the interior room

  2. All rooms or areas of a room in a one-story building.

  3. The part of the chamber where the deputies sit and speak.

  4. Provide the floor (living room or room).

  5. Hit (someone) on the ground, especially with a job.

Sentences of Floor

  1. Wood floor

  2. Bedroom with yellow floor.

  3. The champion closes with a punch.

Synonyms of Floor

piano nobile, catch off balance