Floor Limit

Floor Limit,

Floor Limit Meanings:

  • A simple definition of Floor Limit is: In retail, the largest amount for sale that a consumer can make from a consumer bank through an unauthorized debit or credit card.

Literal Meanings of Floor Limit


Meanings of Floor:
  1. Prepare the floor (room or room).

  2. From (someone's) ground, especially a hit.

  3. The lower level of the room through which you can walk.

  4. All rooms or areas on one level of a one-story building.

  5. The part of the House (in the Legislative Assembly) where the deputies sit and speak.

Sentences of Floor
  1. Stone building

  2. The cup fell and fell to the floor

  3. An apartment on the third floor

  4. I don't need Labor MPs shouting around the house and telling me what to do.

Synonyms of Floor

tier, prostrate, ground, bring down, fell, knock over, deck, rugby-tackle, knock down, flooring, storey, level


Meanings of Limit:
  1. Set a limit or serve it.

  2. A point or plane where something does not expand and cannot expand or cross

  3. Restrictions of any size or quantity are allowed or possible.

  4. A point or value in relation to which a sequence, function, or sum of money can gradually reach the desired position or value by approaching it by approaching it by approaching it by approaching it by approaching it by approaching it by approaching it by approaching it.

Sentences of Limit
  1. Boundaries of presidential power

  2. In fact, the setting changes to a range, which is priced at 2.7182818.

Synonyms of Limit

keep within bounds, curb, maximum, upper limit, ceiling, put a brake on, cap, hold, place a limit on, check, restrict, restrain, peg, freeze, hold in check, limitation