Definition of Flood:

  1. Arrive in large quantities or quantities.

  2. Cover or wet with water (a place or area).

  3. Abundant amounts of water exceed normal levels, especially on land that is generally dry.

  4. Summary for projector.

  5. A wave of tears or emotion.

  6. Temporary flooding in areas that are usually dry due to overflow bodies, abnormal construction, runoff or erosion or abnormal damage to the coast. Floods can also cause mudslides due to the accumulation of groundwater.

Synonyms of Flood

Plash, Engulf, Tide race, Mass, Arc light, Overabundance, Snowballing, Tidal range, Drown, Throng, Drown, Downflow, Oversupply, Multiplication, Increase, Overspill, Ballooning, Pour over, Rich vein, Repletion, Superfluity, Volume, River, Floodlight, Rip, Spillage, Refluence, Tide rip, Luxuriate, Overwhelm, Slop, Engulf, Prodigality, Tide chart, Ample sufficiency, Inundate, Myriad, Swamping, Riotousness, Freshet, Accrual, Rabble, Spout, High tide, Amplitude, Riot, Brash, Tidewater, Bountifulness, Burst of rain, Tons, Torrent, Upsurge, Avalanche, Low tide, Proliferation, Spotlight, Widening, Solar tide, Pour, Ebb tide, Dimmer, Limelight, Generousness, Scud, Rainspout, Stream, Overrunning, Overabound, Extension, Superflux, Oceans, Accruement, Riptide, Advance, Klieg light, Tide gate, Liberality, Tidal flow, Footlights, Overstock, Crowd, Drift, Flock, Raise, Upturn, Plenitude, Overspread, Much, Direct tide, Rush, Inundation, Full tide, Satiety, Up, Drencher, Heap, Expansion, Opposite tide, Cohue, Enough, Spate, Waterspout, Overluxuriance, Overnumerousness, Appreciation, Current, Tide, Course, Overdose, Medium, Crescendo, Lunar tide, Lights, Saturate, Tidal amplitude, Pile, Surfeit, Choke, Aggrandizement, Rainstorm, Sea, Overprovide, Overflowing, Reflux, More than enough, Swamp, Glut, Overpopulation, Torrent of rain, Excess, Surge, Opulency, Flux and reflux, Accession, Myriads, Ampleness, Spring tide, Flush, Ebb, Color filter, Tidal current, Bags, Enlargement, Immerse, Overprovender, Spill over, Money to burn, Dip, Debacle, Surplus, Slosh, Prevalence, Copiousness, Teem, Elevation, Niagara, Washout, Edema, Upping, Trend, Flow in, Superabundance, Alluvium, Swamp, Overmeasure, Floats, Flooding, Overplenty, Spread, Redundancy, Stream, Inundate, Tumescence, Neap, Bushel, Uptrend, Buildup, Run over, Rain, Landslide, Accumulation, Heavy rain, Access, Great plenty, Gelatin, Profusion, Lots, Wealth, Ocean, Sweep, Flow, Rich harvest, Downfall, Cataclysm, Swarm, Submerge, Embarras de richesses, Rise, Overbounteousness, Downpour, The Deluge, Spot, Worlds, Luxuriance, Host, Legion, Abundance, Float, Press, Numerousness, Mob, Waterflood, Run riot, Overcopiousness, Swarm, Tideway, Maximum, Fill, Gush, Soaking rain, Marquee, Soaker, Mounting, Scads, Quantity, Oversell, Increment, Deluge, Affluence, Whelming, Jump, Sluice, Gush, Oversufficiency, Whelm, Gushing rain, Flood tide, Torrent, Overlavish, Crush, Foison, Repleteness, Superabound, Plentifulness, Overprofusion, Flow, Bonanza, Fertility, Productiveness, Acres, High water, Flow out, Flow back, Substantialness, Deluge, Liberalness, Boost, Teemingness, Overequip, Bountiousness, Rush, Peck, Low water, Mountain, Overflow, Gain, Immerse, Deluge, Army, Panoply, Thalassometer, Permeate, Inundation, Fresh, Overprovision, Plethora, Outpouring, Upswing, Set, Overbrim, Light plot, Be prodigal with, Outpouring, Surge, Great abundance, Know no bounds, Overmuchness, Inflation, Overgrow, Load, Quantities, Swelling, Surge, Overrun, Shower, World, Flow on, Rainburst, Plenty, Cascade, Waxing, Bumper crop, Extravagance, Barrels, Ebb and flow, Submerge, Spill, Cover, Countlessness, The Flood, Boom, Plenteousness, Full measure, Augmentation, Richness, Amplification, Galaxy, Accretion, Crowd, Cataract, Spill out, Jam, Leap, Cloudburst, Pour on, Extravagancy, Make, Opulence, Tidal wave, Generosity, Broadening, Neap tide, Overfurnish, Horde, Flux, Cluster, Ascent, Duck, Engulfment, Growth, Multitude, Ruck, Regurgitate, Overlavishness, Arc, Substantiality, Bloating, Surge back, Greatening, Profuseness, Stream, Overswarm, Tidal current chart, Flood the market, Pour, Nimiety, Alluvion, Submersion, Run, Rout, Fullness, Issue, Cascade, Overplentifulness, Dunk, Pour out, Development, Addition, Overaccumulation, Exuberance, Lavishness, Throng, Hike, Tide gauge, Foots, Pullulate

How to use Flood in a sentence?

  1. The dam broke and a small town was flooded.
  2. Sunlight filled the window.
  3. Floodlights in the rain caused white smoke to glow in the broken light.
  4. Flood barrier
  5. Rose began to cry and sob like she had never seen before.

Meaning of Flood & Flood Definition


Definition of Flood:

  1. Insurance coverage to protect the policyholder from damage or loss of personal and property due to flooding (Note: If property insurance presents flood insurance as an additional risk, please provide it to the relevant property insurance number.) )

  2. Definition of Flood: The overflow of water from the natural environment and its boundaries is also generally described as a general and temporary condition of partial or complete flooding in arid areas. Floods are also defined as the rapid and massive accumulation of surface water by tidal waves, or any other means.

Meanings of Flood

  1. Cover or sink with water (a place or area)

  2. Reach out to unusual crowds or unusual crowds.

  3. Large amounts of running water exceed normal levels, especially on soils that are often dry.

  4. A flood of tears or emotions.

  5. Projector acronym

Sentences of Flood

  1. The dam broke and the small town was flooded

  2. The sun's rays flooded the windows

  3. Rose was crying and crying as if she had never seen him before

  4. White smoke glowed in the light through the rain.

Synonyms of Flood

abundance , profusion , drencher , outgushing , bore , overflow , surplus , outpouring , drift , eager , tsunami , cataract , Niagara , downpour , spate , bounty , superfluity , plenty , excess , inundation


Flood Meanings:

  1. Insurance that protects the insured from loss or damage to immovable and movable property. (Note: If d coverage is offered as an additional risk in the property insurance policy, enter it in the appropriate property insurance deposit code.)

  2. The flow of water from the natural environment and its boundaries is also generally interpreted as the general and temporary state of partial or complete submergence of dry lands. D is also defined as the rapid and rapid accumulation of surface water by ocean currents, or any other means.

Meanings of Flood

  1. Excessive water flow, especially on dry soils.

  2. The flow of tears.

  3. Projector Abbreviation

  4. Drown or drown during floods.

  5. They arrive in incredible quantities or quantities.

  6. (From a woman) The uterus was bleeding.

Sentences of Flood

  1. Isolated from rural floods and landslides.

  2. He cries

  3. The sun's rays fill the windows.

Synonyms of Flood

flash flood