Flood Zone

Flood Zone,

How To Define Flood Zone?

  • Definition of Flood Zone: The flood zone is a defined area that poses a particular risk of flooding. This area is usually located near water resources, such as rivers, oceans or lakes.

    People living in flood-affected areas often have to take flood insurance in addition to the owner's standard policy.

Literal Meanings of Flood Zone


Meanings of Flood:
  1. Abundant amounts of water exceed normal levels, especially on land that is generally dry.

  2. A wave of tears or emotion.

  3. Projector acronym

  4. Cover or wet with water (a place or area).

  5. Arrive in large quantities or quantities.

Sentences of Flood
  1. Flood protection wall

  2. Rose began to cry and sob like she had never seen before

  3. The white smoke walls shone in the scattered light caused by the flood lights from the rain.

  4. The dam broke and a small town was flooded

  5. Sunlight filled the window

Synonyms of Flood

pour, engulf, cascade, flow, inundate, pile, rush, gush, stream, swamp, submerge, drown, immerse, swarm, outpouring, deluge, surge, torrent, swamping, inundation, crowd, throng


Meanings of Zone:
  1. An area or area of ‚Äč‚Äčland that has certain characteristics, purposes, uses or restrictions.

  2. A parameter tape or ribbon of one color, texture or letter.

  3. A belt, or belt, that wraps around one's body.

  4. Divide or assign zones.

  5. Rotate with or without ribbons or lines.

Sentences of Zone
  1. Pedestrian zone

  2. The "network" sclera is located on the back of the animal's body.

Synonyms of Zone

locality, cummerbund, stretch, girth, area, quarter, band, territory, expanse, tract, region, sash, strap, neighbourhood, belt, district, precinct, sector, province, section, girdle, land

Flood Zone,

What is Flood Zone?

  1. Meaning of Flood Zone: Zone D is a designated area that represents a specific threat. These areas are usually located near water sources such as rivers, oceans or lakes.

    People living in Area D usually need to take out insurance in addition to the standard mayors insurance.

Literal Meanings of Flood Zone


Meanings of Flood:
  1. Excessive water flow, especially on dry soils in general.

  2. The flow of tears.

  3. Projector Abbreviation

  4. Drown or drown during floods.

  5. They arrive in incredible quantities or quantities.

  6. (From the woman) was bleeding from the uterus.

Sentences of Flood
  1. Residents were isolated from floods and landslides.

  2. He cries

  3. The dam broke and the small town was flooded.

  4. The sun's rays flood the window.

Synonyms of Flood

overflow, spate, downpour, freshet, cloudburst, flash flood


Meanings of Zone:
  1. An area or boundary of property that has certain features, purposes or uses, or is subject to certain restrictions.

  2. A band or band that includes a different color, texture, or character.

  3. A belt or belt that wraps around a person's body.

  4. Like or surrounded by bands or lines.

Sentences of Zone
  1. Pedestrian area

  2. The park was divided into four separate bioregions, each with its own ecological identity.