Flood Coverage

Flood Coverage,

Flood Coverage: What is the Meaning of Flood Coverage?

  1. Protection of property from flood damage It may be available with a comprehensive policy validation or DIC policy. As a rule, the protection provided is subject to per-event sub-limits, compound annual limits and separate deductions. Insurance coverage can also be provided through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

  2. Flood Coverage definition is: Protection of property from flood damage

Literal Meanings of Flood Coverage


Meanings of Flood:
  1. Abundant amounts of water exceed normal levels, especially on land that is generally dry.

  2. A wave of tears or emotion.

  3. Projector acronym

  4. Cover or wet with water (a place or area).

  5. Arrive in large quantities or quantities.

Sentences of Flood
  1. Flood protection wall

  2. Rose began to cry and sob like she had never seen before

  3. In the light from the searchlight broken by the rain, white smoky walls shone with light.

  4. The dam broke and a small town was flooded

  5. Sunlight filled the window

Synonyms of Flood

inundation, swamping, deluge, outpouring, torrent, rush, stream, gush, surge, cascade, flow, inundate, swamp, immerse, submerge, drown, engulf, pour, swarm, pile, crowd, throng


Meanings of Coverage:
  1. To the extent that something refers to something else or applies to something else.