Definition of Floater:

  1. In addition to standard rental insurance coverage, there is also a separate policy to cover the value of the property, personal property such as jewelry or sporting goods.

Meanings of Floater

  1. Swimming a person or object.

  2. People who change jobs or homes frequently.

  3. An employee who must perform a variety of tasks according to individual needs.

  4. An insurance policy that covers lost items without specifying a location.

Sentences of Floater

  1. There are more blue and gray butterflies on my side than this, bright yellow stripes of black butterflies, beautiful blue swimmers and green feathers floating in the moist air.

  2. During the application of the questionnaire, each class had a float of answers to individual questions.


FLOATER: What is the Meaning of FLOATER?

You can define FLOATER as, With homeowners insurance, Float guarantees personal property and covers losses wherever possible. Items that are usually waterproof include expensive jewelry, musical instruments and furs. This provides more coverage on these items than the homeowner's policy.

FLOATER can be defined as, A type of insurance policy that covers dynamic ownership and provides additional protection from non-regular insurance policies. It can include anything from jewelry to expensive stereos.

The definition of FLOATER is: A separate policy to protect the value of the property outside of standard rental insurance coverage, such as personal property, such as jewelry or sporting goods

Definition of FLOATER: Policies are sold by marine or continental insurers.

Property insurance that covers items that are not always in place, such as jewelry and cameras.


How Do You Define FLOATER?

  1. Meaning of FLOATER: For example, the policy of covering personal assets (not on immovable property). B. Collecting jewelery, musical instruments, coins and stamps etc. Limited to the United States and Canada.

  2. Policies that cover features that fluctuate or move from place to place.