Definition of Flighting:

  1. An extravagant or far-fetched idea or thought process.

  2. The tail of a dart.

  3. Flighting as an advertising strategy runs contrary to the widely held belief that any lull in product promotion will slow its sales. Research and conventional wisdom hold that running ads on a continuous schedule is an effective way to compel consumers to buy a product or service. This strategy is consistent with recency theory, which is the belief that advertising is most effective when viewed just prior to when a consumer makes a decision and diminishes over time.

  4. Advertising timing strategy where ads or commercials are run during a period (called a flight) followed by a period of no advertising (called a hiatus) followed by a flight ... and so on. This practice is contrary to the recency theory which argues that any gap in promoting a product will hurt its sales and, therefore, advertising should be continuous.

  5. The action of fleeing.

  6. Shoot (wildfowl) in flight.

  7. Provide (an arrow or dart) with feathers or vanes.

  8. The action or process of flying through the air.

  9. A selection of small portions of a particular type of food or drink (especially alcohol) intended to be tasted together for the purpose of comparison.

  10. A flock or large body of birds or insects in the air, especially when migrating.

  11. A series of steps between floors or levels.

  12. Flighting is an advertising scheduling strategy that alternates between running a normal schedule of advertising and a complete cessation of all runs. Flighting refers to the period when advertising is being run, while the cessation period is known as a hiatus. A company may use a flighting media schedule as a way to save on advertising costs, while relying on the effect of its past advertisements continue to drive sales. As sales slow or more budget becomes available, the company will resume normal advertising.

  13. (in soccer, cricket, etc.) deliver (a ball) with well-judged trajectory and pace.

Synonyms of Flighting

Bowl, Pitch, Hurl, Throw, Cast, Launch, Lob, Flying, Soaring, Gliding, Escape, Getaway, Fleeing, Running away, Absconding, Retreat, Departure, Hasty departure, Exit, Exodus, Decamping, Disappearance, Vanishing, Flock, Flying group, Staircase, Set of stairs, Set of steps

How to use Flighting in a sentence?

  1. The enemy were now in flight.
  2. Flighting is an advertising scheduling strategy that can be turned on and off to save money and optimize for a product or service's most marketable time windows.
  3. Shafts of wood flighted with a handful of feathers.
  4. I climbed the three flights of stairs which led to his office.
  5. He flighted a free kick into the box.
  6. Flighted media schedules are often used to promote products that are seasonal, or linked with certain times of day or days of the week.
  7. While most common with television advertising, flighting can also be used with Internet and radio advertising.
  8. The standard clock-face became established in the late 19th century, and paper flights to fit the darts were patented in 1898.
  9. Flights of whooper swans.
  10. An eagle in flight.
  11. Duck and geese flighting.
  12. His research assistant was prone to flights of fancy.

Meaning of Flighting & Flighting Definition