Definition of Flextime:

  1. Non-traditional work scheduling practice which allows full-time employees to choose their individual starting and quitting times within certain limits (such as not earlier than 5 a.m. and not later than 9 p.m.). Flextime periods usually precede or follow a core time during which all employees must be present.

  2. Ordinarily, flextime requires that employees work a certain number of hours within a specific period (e.g., 40 hours per week). However, more progressive work systems may disregard work hours as a measure of productivity and only require that employees fulfill their work duties within a specific period. Flextime works best when work is either highly individual or when information technology allows opportunities for asynchronous collaboration. Flextime is typically only available to exempt employees. Exempt employees are salaried workers who are exempt from minimum wage, overtime rules, and other rights and protections afforded to non-exempt workers.

  3. Flextime, an abbreviation of flexible time, is a work arrangement that allows employees to choose their workday's starting and finishing time. As employees seek a better balance between work and home, flextime offers an opportunity to better manage their time. However, flextime may mandate that employees be in the office during certain hours to accommodate customers and allow for meetings and collaboration.

How to use Flextime in a sentence?

  1. Flextime is a work arrangement in which employees can choose the starting and finishing times of their workday.
  2. Having such a weird FLEXTIME results in poor performance for employees as well as employers alike and usually attributes to a greater or increase workload overall.
  3. Flextime work arrangements are popular because they help employees achieve a positive work-life balance.
  4. If you trust one of your workers you may allow him to have a flextime schedule so that he can work when he wants to.
  5. Flexplace, similar to flextime, allows employees to choose where they accomplish their work, such as from home.
  6. The company had a flextime policy and that made all of the workers happy because they could set their own times.
  7. Flextime employees are typically required to work during their employer's core hours.

Meaning of Flextime & Flextime Definition