Flexible Premium Annuity

Flexible Premium Annuity,

Flexible Premium Annuity Definition:

  • Flexible premiums are annual pension plans that allow insurers to choose how they pay their premiums and retirement income. This flexibility allows beneficiaries to be exempt from paying tax on their premiums.

  • Also known as a flexible reward policy. A pension or life insurance policy in which the policyholder or contract holder can change the premium amount or payment term. Click here to purchase Flexible Premium Years at einsure.com!

Literal Meanings of Flexible Premium Annuity


Meanings of Flexible:
  1. It can be easily connected without breaking.

Sentences of Flexible
  1. Flexible rubber seal

Synonyms of Flexible

pliable, ductile, bendable, workable, limber, plastic, tensile, easily bent, supple, pliant, stretchable, malleable, mouldable


Meanings of Premium:
  1. Amount paid for an insurance policy.

Sentences of Premium
  1. If the calculations are correct, the income of the pensionable worker includes the premium in addition to his salary which he has to pay to the insurer to get equal rights.

Synonyms of Premium

regular payment, additional payment, insurance charge, surcharge, remuneration, extra, recompense, extra amount, perk, bonus, extra charge, percentage, instalment, reward, additional fee, prize, insurance payment


Meanings of Annuity:
  1. Usually for a lifetime, someone is paid a certain amount each year.

Sentences of Annuity
  1. You have a 1000 pension

Synonyms of Annuity

payment, grant, keep, pocket money, subsistence, financial support, contribution, subsidy, consideration, handout, expenses, upkeep, annuity, maintenance, stipend, sum of money, benefit, remittance, pension