Fleet Of Companies

Fleet Of Companies,

What is Fleet Of Companies?

  • Multiple insurers under one management

Literal Meanings of Fleet Of Companies


Meanings of Fleet:
  1. A group of boats that sail together do the same activities or are owned by the same owner.

  2. Fast and agile on this move.

  3. Move or swipe quickly.

  4. Plan or planning.

  5. (Water) shallow

Sentences of Fleet
  1. The small harbor is home to a fishing fleet

  2. Sam explained that the 3,000-hectare natural reserve is the largest in the British lowlands, where the central grazing area is separated from the trenches and fleet network.

  3. There are different expressions on your face

Synonyms of Fleet

nimble, lissom, lively, supple, light of foot, spry, light, nimble-footed, deft, sprightly, light on one's feet, limber, lithe, agile, light-footed, acrobatic, active


Meanings of Of:
  1. It shows the relationship between the part and the whole.

  2. Indicates the relationship between scale and size and value.

  3. Refers to the relationship between two organizations, usually the organization of the association.

  4. It shows the relationship between the address and the reference point.

  5. It represents the relationship between a general type or type and something special belonging to that category.

  6. After a noun that comes from or is related to a verb.

  7. Identify the component or substance that makes the difference.

  8. Express the hour for the next hour.

Sentences of Of
  1. 5% increase

  2. North of Chicago

  3. It's good to ask you

  4. In New York, only a quarter to three

Synonyms of Of

done by, caused by, carried out by, by, from, in, made by, of


Meanings of Companies:
  1. Form a team to meet him.

  2. A trading company

  3. The reality or condition of living with another person, especially in a way that brings friendship and happiness.

  4. Many people gathered.

  5. A herd of ducks (duck)

Sentences of Companies
  1. These are the people who have been with us at the moment

  2. A transport company

  3. I really like your company

  4. Sometimes a group of duck whistles contains several thousand birds

Synonyms of Companies

friendship, presence, companionship, amity, operation, enterprise, corporation, fellowship, organization, comradeship, group, crowd, establishment, crew, business, firm, set, closeness, company, agency, venture, band, office