What is The Meaning of Flat?

  • Definition of Flat: There are no interests, services, additional fees or adjustments. For example, if the premium is fixed at a fixed rate, no additional premium (or compensation) will be paid during the policy, regardless of the loss experienced or the exposure during the policy period. To be changed

  • The definition of Flat is: A stock market flat is a price that neither rises nor falls. In fixed income terms, trading securities without accrued interest is called a plan. In forex trading, flat does not refer to long or short on a particular currency and is also called square.

Meanings of Flat

  1. The flat part of something.

  2. The vertical part of the painted landscape is fixed to the frame

  3. Wheel flat.

  4. A musical note semitone falls below its natural peak.

  5. Smooth and uniform with no obvious bulge or indentation.

  6. Lack of interest or boring and lifeless emotions.

  7. (From a front drink) who has lost his gas.

  8. (License fee, salary or price) is the same in all cases, not in changing circumstances or in special cases.

  9. (Musical tone) Less than original or normal tuning.

  10. In the case of flat races.

  11. In or out of the horizontal position.

  12. Okay fine

  13. Under the sound of real or ordinary music.

  14. Bottom (one note) a semitone.

Sentences of Flat

  1. He put the palm of his hand in the cup

  2. Image banks can be deleted like stellar apartments.

  3. Two take the flat dice and leave one apartment, the result is that we have to play, F is.

  4. Cut the surface of the cake so that it is completely flat

  5. "I'm sorry," he said calmly.

  6. Champagne plate

  7. Fixed price $ 30

  8. Deliberately sung superficially, the song is often a musical joke and is therefore unbearable to listen to over and over again.

  9. Flat station

Synonyms of Flat

punctured , set of rooms, supine , toneless, home, outright, constant, tabular , spreadeagled, boring, fallen , droning, depressed , horizontal, oblate , levelled, outstretched, collapsed , pancake , uninteresting, set, accommodation, spread out , unexciting

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Flat Meanings:

There are no interest, services, extra fees or adjustments. For example, if the premium is set at a fixed rate, no additional premium (or compensation) will be paid under the policy, regardless of the loss of experience or life-changing insurance.

Flat refers to A flat in the stock market is one that neither rises nor falls. In fixed income terminology, interest-free securities are called plans. In X, flat refers to the non-long or srt state in a given coin and is also called the square.

Meanings of Flat

  1. It has a smooth surface with no gaps or gaps.

  2. Apathetic, boring and lifeless.

  3. (From a dirty drink) who has lost his gas.

  4. (License, salary or price) are the same in all cases, except in case of change of circumstances or in special cases.

  5. In case of flat run.

  6. In the horizontal position or

  7. Under the tone of real or ordinary music.

  8. The vertical part of the eye is attached to the moving frame.

  9. Musical notes fall semitones under their natural pitch.

  10. Less than half a note (one note).

  11. To equalize

  12. A series of rooms that make up an apartment, usually on one floor and in a large building with many of these apartments.

  13. Stay or share an apartment.

Sentences of Flat

  1. Sitting on a flat rock

  2. Drink champagne again

  3. Flat Fee 0 2.50.

  4. I am lying on my back.

  5. I thought you would leave me.

  6. It's not about monotonous singing, it's just about singing the wrong notes.

  7. I have a downside, there are cleats under the steering wheel.

  8. If someone has a bad ear for music, it will get boring and fast without feeling it.

Synonyms of Flat

finally, quarters, smooth, assertively, unequivocally, unconditionally, vacant, unbroken, digs, featureless, residence, insistently, soporific, ■■■■, uniform, completely, apartment, continuous, emphatically, categorically, unfeeling, definitely, plainly, fixed, straight, still, emotionless


Flat Definition:

  1. A simple definition of Flat is: There are no interest, services, additional fees or adjustments. For example, if the premium is fixed at a fixed rate, no additional premium (or compensation) will be paid under the policy, regardless of the loss experience or life-threatening changes in insurance.

  2. Will Canton specializes in investment and business legislation and regulation. Prior to that, he held senior positions as a writer at Investopedia and Kapitall Wire, and earned a master's degree in economics and a doctorate in philosophy from the New School of Social Research in English Literature at New York University.

    • Flat trading usually refers to a situation where the market or security does not go up or down according to your prices.
    • In terms of title, it refers to a market that does not offer many opportunities for profit. Traders can make a profit by trading individual stocks instead of indexes in this market.
    • In the bond market, flat trading occurs when the bond buyer is not responsible for paying the accrued interest.
    • In Trade X, a flat trade occurs when the opposing positions of Trader X cancel each other, leaving you with a fixed pound.

Meanings of Flat

  1. It has a flat surface with no bumps or gaps.

  2. (From a frothy drink) whose gas has run out.

  3. In horizontal position or in.

  4. The vertical part of the view is mounted on the moving frame.

  5. Musical notes fall a semi-tone below their natural pitch.

  6. Share a house or apartment.

Sentences of Flat

  1. Flat fee £ 2.50

  2. If someone has a bad ear for music, it will become boring and sharp without realizing it

  3. Flat bread

Synonyms of Flat

jejune, monotonous, reclining, expressionless, on one's back, lifeless, regular, directly, unfluctuating, vapid, no longer effervescent, penthouse, adamantly, consistent, prostrate, tedious, prone, on one's stomach/front, firmly, unexpressive, procumbent, home unit