Flat rate

Flat rate,

Definition of Flat rate:

  1. Service charge or advertising rate where no discount is offered to repeat customers or volume buyers.

How to use Flat rate in a sentence?

  1. The flat rate was a simple method of streamlining our business and efficiency as we cared for all of our customers equally.
  2. If you know that your product will eventually sell then you can just set the price at a flat rate and offer no discounts.
  3. The moving van company charged a flat rate to visually appeal to the customer instead of listing the base price prior to surcharges and taxes are added.

Meaning of Flat rate & Flat rate Definition

Flat Rate,

What is The Meaning of Flat Rate?

  • Flat Rate means, (1) The fixed interest rate, regardless of loss experience or change in exposure, cannot be adjusted according to the hedge period. ()) For insurance, re-determine the insurance premium to determine the percentage of insurance that is insured on the transfer of premium from insurance to the type of company.

  • Flat Rate definition is: In reinsurance, the percentage applicable to the assignment of re-premium in the company category from the insurance company to determine the insurance premium to be paid to the insurer.

  • The term used in fire insurance before applying for a Scandinavian loan. The rate used by the insurer if he does not want to insure the final amount or price and still avoids taking co-insurance in case of an accident. Most insurers refuse to issue fixed income contracts. See also joint insurance.

Literal Meanings of Flat Rate


Meanings of Flat:
  1. Smooth and uniform with no protrusions or sharp holes.

  2. Lack of interest or boring, lifeless emotions.

  3. (Drinking foam) The smell disappeared.

  4. (License fee, salary or price) is the same in all cases, regardless of changed circumstances or in some cases.

  5. (Sound of music) in the correct or normal tone.

  6. In the case of flat runs.

  7. In or out of the horizontal position.

  8. Absolutely absolute

  9. Below the original or routine of the song

  10. The flat part of something.

  11. The vertical painted part of the stage landscape is fixed to the frame.

  12. Wheel flat.

  13. The musical note falls on a note and a half below the natural note.

  14. Reduce semantics (one note)

Sentences of Flat
  1. Cut off the surface of the cake until it is completely flat

  2. "Sorry," he said, drying up.

  3. A plate of champagne

  4. Fixed price $ 30

  5. Deliberately sung in a monotonous tone, the song is indeed a bitter musical joke and, therefore, cannot be heard over and over again.

  6. Flat station

  7. I am lying on my back

  8. It's not about the monotonous song, it's about the wrong note

  9. He placed his palm on the glass

  10. Color banks can be removed intermittently.

Synonyms of Flat

tedious, monotonous, hard and fast, penthouse, droning, unexciting, still, home, fixed, prone, established, dead, residence, set of rooms, unchanging, unfluctuating, directly, sprawling, regular, straight, dull, unvarying, no longer effervescent, uninteresting


Meanings of Rate:
  1. Pay a fixed price or charge something for something, especially good or service.

Synonyms of Rate

gauge, amount, figure, measure, value, cost, find to be, hold to be, appraise, judge to be, tariff, charge, price, reckon to be, assess, fare, evaluate, put a value on, hire, calculate, consider to be, think to be, compute, estimate, adjudge, judge, deem to be, weigh up