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Flash Mob,

Flash Mob Definition:

The definition of Flash Mob is: A group of people, which is secretly organized (usually through modern computerized social networking technology), is quickly formed and organized, usually a source of entertainment and fun for the participants. Gather together to participate in the activity. The term may also apply to similar meetings for the more traditional purpose of promotion, protest, or lobbying, although this is slightly different from the usual concept where a large number of campaigns with a specific purpose are used. Automatic purpose. . Expression is not new. He was born in the American underworld in the 1940's when he spoke of a group of thieves or thugs. The word flash has been used in various criminal contexts since the seventeenth century, and in the original 1940s phrase flashmob, flash means criminals. Of course, the modern use of the term flash flash is in line with the idea of ​​flash photography, sharp or short sight, impressive flash and, most importantly, the latest understanding of flash in relation to fast technologies such as flash memory. . And watch the units crowd.

Literal Meanings of Flash Mob


Meanings of Flash:
  1. (Light or something that reflects light) shines, but briefly, suddenly or intermittently.

  2. Move or swipe very quickly.

  3. Sudden display (icon, word or information) on a television or computer screen or electronic panel, usually short or repetitive.

  4. A short or sudden flash of bright light from a reflective surface.

  5. An example or a sudden manifestation of a standard, understanding or humor.

  6. A camera accessory that produces a very short light and is used to take pictures in low light conditions.

  7. A platform for creating and displaying animations and videos in a web browser.

  8. Excess plastic or metal, when sandwiched between opposing surfaces when the two molds are half-closed, forms a smooth bulge in the finished product.

Sentences of Flash
  1. The light begins to flicker

  2. A startled expression crossed Kirov's face.

  3. Suddenly, the screen displays a message

  4. Electricity

  5. It has the radiance of inspiration

  6. Electronic flash

  7. We still do a lot of personal research and development with Flash, and our site is very popular.

  8. The cover wheel is ideal for polishing fiberglass reflections.

  9. It is the story of the extraordinary search for two women, a journalist and a girl who was sold to a mansion when she was just 10 years old.

Synonyms of Flash

conspicuous, blast, hare, fly, flare, race, dart, expensive, dash, show, glare, streak, gleam, fluoresce, whizz, showy, ostentatious, obtrusive, bolt, whoosh, present, wave, flamboyant


Meanings of Mob:
  1. Anxious to walk (someone) in a rebellious manner and praise or attack him.

  2. Large crowds, especially unorganized, cause trouble or violence.

Sentences of Mob
  1. Attack by a signature hunter

  2. Many protesters

Synonyms of Mob

crowd, body, rabble, swarm around, besiege, jostle, surround, mass, throng, multitude, horde