Definition of Flame:

  1. Send destructive or offensive messages to (someone) by posting on the Internet or by email.

  2. A hot, luminous body of burning gas.

  3. In the language of the Internet, a flood of emails to the authors of articles or statements with controversial content. See also liter ■■■■.

  4. Destructive or abusive messages that are posted on the Internet or sent via email, usually in response to other messages.

  5. Burning and fire

Synonyms of Flame

Boyfriend, Young man, Bedazzle, Love-maker, Combust, Lothario, Love, Philanderer, Found, Glim, Coal, Sexual love, Blaze up, Fox fire, Physical love, Daze, Inferno, Ladylove, Suffocate, Tender passion, Cozy fire, Uxoriousness, Married love, Light bulb, Fulgurate, Beloved, Flicker, Oxidate, Raging fire, Roast, Be in heat, Incandesce, Esquire, Pyre, Casanova, Romeo, Open fire, Worship, Popular regard, Necker, Crematory, Radiate heat, Luster, Yearning, Torch, Idolization, Cauterize, Shimmer with heat, Conflagration, Watch fire, Be alight, Seethe, Stars, Corposant, Sea of flames, Inamorato, Passion, Regard, Flare, Fervor, Like, Swain, Bake, Shoot, Scald, Flash, Gleam, Petter, Attachment, Brotherly love, Popularity, Swelter, Fry, Give light, Agape, Spark, Bodily love, Squire, Death fire, Desire, Taper, Free-lovism, Feverishness, Vulcanize, Flush, Sun, Prairie fire, Broil, Sugar daddy, Free love, ■■■■■■■■■■, Solar prominence, Cheerful fire, Backfire, Marshfire, Dear, Bonfire, Ignite, Fire, Combustion, Mantle, Tender feeling, Candle, Holocaust, Truelove, Ignis fatuus, Idolatry, Catch fire, Illuminator, Scorch, Shine, Blaze, Old man, Stifle, Lasciviousness, Caritas, Glance, Fancy, Take, Fondness, Lambent flame, Match, Flickering flame, Gleam of light, Turn red, Sweetheart, Signal beacon, Beacon, Conflagration, Sentiment, Burst into flame, Sear, Sex, Honey, Electric light bulb, Eagerness, Turtledove, Amoroso, Witch fire, Solar flare, Fen fire, Fire, Moon, Sheik, Ardor, Glow, Admiration, Amor, Sweetie, Zeal, Glint, Liking, Smother, Shoot out rays, Ingle, Christian love, Forest fire, Choke, ■■■■■■, Lady-killer, Smudge fire, Blare, Be on fire, Fellow, Warmth, Beau, Blind, Singe, Torrefy, Bloom, Sheet of fire, Crackling fire, Balefire, Man, Blister, Gallant, Source of light, Light source, Brand, Darling, Radiate, Catch on fire, Flare up, Blush, Luminant, Vesicate, Boil, Heart, Shine brightly, Color up, Burn, Swinge, Caballero, Oxidize, Three-alarm fire, Cupel, Two-alarm fire, Kindle, Seducer, Hero worship, ■■■■■■■ pyre, Affection, Baby, Pant, Ignition, Crimson, Cavalier, Cast, Sweat, Platonic love, Send out rays, Char, Facula, Illuminant, Smolder, Blaze of light, Incandescent body, Spiritual love, Adoration, Be aflame, Blaze, Lantern, Charity, Conjugal love, Parch, Burning ghat, Be ablaze, Color, Devotion, Be bright, Steady, Flame up, Don Juan, Toast, Firestorm, Flashing point, Campfire, Gasp, Pyrolyze, Stew, Redden, Beam, Blaze, Steam, ■■■■■■, Be in flames, Ardency, Lamp, Burn, Dazzle, Burn off, Crack, Intensity, Idolism, Diffuse light, Inamorata, Simmer, Beacon fire, Catch, Faithful love, Burn in, Solder, Cook, Glare, Enthusiasm, Lover, Light, Heartthrob, Coruscate, Grow red, Cavaliere servente, Eros, Luminary, Wildfire

How to use Flame in a sentence?

  1. The leaves of the fire stopped my escape.

Meaning of Flame & Flame Definition

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Flame Meanings:

  1. The definition of Flame is: Send abusive or unacceptable messages or emails on Internet forums that are offensive and harassing.

Meanings of Flame

  1. Water and fire

  2. Guide them also into the good behaviors and to avoid displaying some profane ones.

  3. A glowing body of gas created by various flames.

  4. An abominable or offensive message posted on the Internet or sent via email, or usually in response to another message.

Sentences of Flame

  1. The fire stops my escape

Synonyms of Flame

flash , brightness , conflagration , wildfire , holocaust , rapid oxidation


What is The Meaning of Flame?

  • Send abusive or unacceptable messages via email or post offensive or provocative messages on the Internet.

Meanings of Flame

  1. A glowing body of burning gas created by something burning.

  2. Abusive messages or emails published on the Internet, usually in response to another message.

  3. Burn and burn

  4. Send targeted or offensive messages over the Internet or via email.

Sentences of Flame

  1. The car is on fire

  2. Send unsolicited emails and you may receive thousands of calls.

  3. A big fire is burning in the chimney

  4. You and I may differ, but please do not enable me.