Flagass Baby

Flagass Baby

I know if I'm a normal newborn, a colic, and if I can flag. ۔

Looks very normal or has pain in the BB, has a 9 month old baby and it has taken 4 months after going with the prescription and as instructed in the case of colic or the doctor has received loftal. Mix it with almonds, oil in their stomachs, let's see, avoid patching the melons, OK!

To be more specific pe ج pea flags he relieves the pain and the baby sleeps my baby

Can't my baby throw it away?

Burp always revolves around the mother's conversation that he usually asks a lot of questions on the subject of the desire of the UAE. Could it really be that baby or should I fall? And if you don't explode, do you have a problem? As long as my baby has ten to roll?

Really try to ask or ask, or because you were born as a mother or know or encourage that you suddenly had important care instead of baby day. Exploitation, Mom and: How did you appear or explode? Right or baby? Ok let's go

When a baby is breastfed, whether from the chest or ■■■■■■, it is usually considered a breath of air, meaning the baby swallows air.

This is especially true for babies who ■■■■■■■■■■ on peas or mother's ■■■■■■■ for anatomy between wood and peas. The baby's mouth is perfect, it fits in such a way that it is difficult for me to feed the baby. Is.

Baby dog ​​and baby mouth ■■■■■■■ is no longer perfect and allows air to enter.

Place the baby's tummy or abdomen that is high or straight and rotates in the same way. When the air comes back, or as we know it, the shovel, which can be with a little milk for regulation.

I usually come to meet with the regulation, or babies who are not playing with the beach or stomach can suck or twist and drop.

Therefore, the search becomes or becomes or becomes a relative and not or. Falling or baby meme is no problem (entry seamer), no, where to wait for burping.

Burping vs. colic Another effect is performed on young children who only swallow or burst or as colic. Because he is a complete magician of the San or even immature digestive system, he appears to be a whirlwind. The children move around a lot and comfort them.

Or when I show up I come to avoid it. Massage the abdomen and do cyclo-type exercises, not force the baby on an empty stomach or force the baby to gas and avoid like c³.

After the mother, the mother should bring her baby straight, with the head off the shoulders and abdomen. Or the shovel appears in the first few minutes, sometimes it can take a little longer.

There are no idealistic positions for a baby mother or you need to worry if you don't have a baby or burst. Probably not the mother and the girl, the burp, which does not always come with the barol, the baby does not swallow the air during the mother and, the keeper, is not scared or frightened.

If the mother is in a hurry or has an important appointment, your child moves to this place or the child, or if the child appears as a rule, or not the child or is possibly suffocating.

A posiÃÃ, §ÃƒÃ, awe to Mels or bebÃÃ, ª nÃÃ, £ for a swallow air amamentaÃÃ, §ÃƒÃ,  or ÃÃ, © © that in it or do in the mamÃÃ, bebÃÃÂa Elbow  £ and, Supine stomach With the abdomen comes out of the well-cut mouth and mostly opens the aurora of the mother's ■■■■■■.

Holding or holding the baby should focus less on the hair or more on the baby's life or the baby's digestive system is better.


Keep the baby in an upright position with the head above the shoulder and take the Beam Lions pad to move or explode near the edge.

When lying down or not upset, lie down on your side so you don't risk sucking milk.

Burping is not satisfied with the baby. If the baby is really sucking, without breathing, excuse not to explode.

Hello Wave, normal © Extremely normal baby that hurts .... flag baby yes can remit more ± it works a lot, either remember a lot © God ...... Move his little leg (a) with p / top and p / low, help first.

Yes normal or more common


Flagass Baby