Flag of convenience

Flag of convenience,

Definition of Flag of convenience:

  1. Ship registered under the maritime laws of a country (such as Liberia or Panama) which is not the home country of the ships owners, because the country of registry offers low tax rates and/or leniency in crew and safety requirements.

  2. A flag of a country under which a ship is registered in order to avoid financial charges or restrictive regulations in the owners country.

How to use Flag of convenience in a sentence?

  1. A Japanese tuna fisheries federation said it will link up with its Taiwan counterpart and other businesses to set up a body to combat damage done by tuna fishing boats sailing under a flag of convenience.

Meaning of Flag of convenience & Flag of convenience Definition

Flag Of Convenience,

What is Flag Of Convenience?

  1. The flag of the ship is the flag of the country where the ship is registered. The term is used in international shipments where the ship's country registration is selected based on the country's legal requirements and tax system.

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