Fixer: What is the Meaning of Fixer?

  • The person who usually makes a living for another person for a fee uses his influence, and often through illegal and dishonest means.

Meanings of Fixer

  1. Someone who makes arrangements for someone else, especially someone who is illegal or secretive.

  2. Substances used to enhance photographic images.

Sentences of Fixer

  1. However, the conference organizers allowed the opposition to join the Labor Party and the trade union opposition to their first involvement in public service reform.

  2. If your hands come in contact with chemicals, especially fixtures, wash them with soap and dry them thoroughly.

Synonyms of Fixer

venture capitalist, trader, entrepreneur, impresario, financier, businesswoman, fixer, partner, speculator, arranger, promoter, contractor, businessman, manager, director, dealer


What is The Meaning of Fixer?

  1. One person makes arrangements for another, usually for a fee, uses his influence, and is often cautious.

Meanings of Fixer

  1. A substance used to enhance photographic images.