Fixed Parity

Fixed Parity,

Fixed Parity Definition:

  1. In foreign currency, if the value of one country's currency is equal to another country's currency.

Literal Meanings of Fixed Parity


Meanings of Fixed:
  1. Fits the position securely.

  2. (Basically prices, fees or terms) which are default and cannot be changed or modified.

  3. (Sports competition), the outcome of which is dishonestly predetermined.

  4. Located in connection with

Sentences of Fixed
  1. Fixed iron ladder at the port

  2. Most deposits hold investors for a specific period of time.

Synonyms of Fixed

specified, set, stable, predetermined, firm, agreed, determined, fast, decreed, arranged, prearranged, decided, confirmed, established, fastened, secure, prescribed, settled, allotted


Meanings of Parity:
  1. Status or equivalent terms, especially with respect to status or salary.

  2. Strange or even (of numbers).

  3. The fact or condition of having children.

Sentences of Parity
  1. Income equality between agricultural and industrial workers

  2. The relationship between breast cancer and parity was examined.

Synonyms of Parity

evenness, sameness, equivalence, uniformity, unity, correspondence, consistency, parallelism, congruence, congruity, coequality, levelness, equality