Fixed asset

Fixed asset,

Definition of Fixed asset:

  1. An asset that is not consumed or sold during the normal course of business, such as land, buildings, equipment, machinery, vehicles, leasehold improvements, and other such items.

    Fixed assets enable their owner to carry on its operations. In accounting, fixed does not necessarily mean immovable; any asset expected to last, or be in use for, more than one year is considered a fixed asset. On a balance sheet, these assets are shown at their book value (purchase price less depreciation).

How to use Fixed asset in a sentence?

  1. The industrial shredders finally arrived, adding yet another fixed asset to the long list of machines and equipment that the company had spent big money on over the years.
  2. Sometimes having your business run with a fixed asset will make you more money because there are little production costs.
  3. Owning a fixed asset can be a great investment opportunity as long as people keep coming back to use it.

Meaning of Fixed asset & Fixed asset Definition

Fixed Asset,

What is The Definition of Fixed Asset?

  1. Fixed Asset can be defined as, Fixed assets are company assets that are not used, but are used to help the company make a profit. Examples of fixed assets are land, machinery and buildings. As part of insurance, the business owner usually buys capital insurance or company insurance that covers capital.

  2. Fixed assets are solid long-term assets that a company owns and uses in its business activities to generate revenue. It is not expected that the assets will be depleted within a year and they will be converted into cash. Properties, plants and equipment are usually displayed on the balance sheet as properties, plants and equipment. They are also called fixed assets.

    • Fixed assets are items like real estate or equipment that a company wants to use to generate long-term revenue.
    • Fixed assets are commonly referred to as real capital (solid assets).
    • Existing assets, such as inventories, must be converted into cash or used within a year.
    • In addition to fixed assets, long-term assets include non-performing assets and long-term investments.
    • Account-fixed assets are depreciated to reduce the use of assets, while non-asset assets are depreciated.

  3. Fixed Asset means, For example, it is usually owned by the company. B. A building, machine or vehicle that will be used for many years.

  4. Meaning of Fixed Asset: Physical assets used in business.

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Meanings of Fixed:
  1. Installed securely.

  2. (Especially price, price or duration) are default and cannot be changed or modified.

  3. The results of (sports competitions) are dishonestly predetermined.

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Sentences of Fixed
  1. The iron ladder remains on the left

  2. Most funds have blocked investors for a certain period of time

Synonyms of Fixed

specified, stable, determined, prescribed, predetermined, decreed, settled, established, agreed, decided, confirmed, set, allotted, fastened, secure, firm, prearranged, fast, arranged


Meanings of Asset:
  1. Something useful or valuable, individual or quality.

Sentences of Asset
  1. Immediate reflexes are your main benefit

Synonyms of Asset

attraction, strong point, benefit, long suit, attractive feature, virtue, beauty, talent, advantage, gift, strength, value, blessing, merit, help, resource, good point, bonus, selling point, strong suit, aid

Fixed Asset,

What is The Meaning of Fixed Asset?

  • Fixed Asset means, Long-term solid assets used for a business that are not expected to be sold or converted into cash in the current or next fiscal year are known as investments. Fixed assets are items such as furniture, hardware, equipment and real estate.

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Synonyms of Asset

boon, forte, recommendation