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Friedenburg, explorer of the Fleiss Line.

The Friedenburg Company, founded by Carl Johann in Weinham (Germany) in 1849, has been in Spain since 1968 and in 1948 with the invention of the textile material (wool) set new milestones in the sewing and handicraft industry. In which presence became inevitable. The industry, the world of apparel, haute couture and sewing, of course, has become an important ally of quilts. Fliselina®, Veline® and Vilene® are three products we have found in almost every clothing store for over fifty years.

For patchwork projects, Friedenberg recommends Raster Quick or Quilt 90. For 60 designs, such as Baby Blocks or Stars, Raster Quick Triangle or Quilt 60 is used.

Stack V Fleece line is recommended for embroidery, screwing and decorative sewing.

For doublefix, patch and crafting with double sided adhesive. The solo machine is perfect for embroidery and mini quilts. 248/249 is a thin pad that can be used for quick quilting and quilts.

272 Thermolem is a compact cover. 275 is the effect of Allen. 280/281 Large and ideal for quick and screwing. 295 Taman is a thick lump. The H 630 is a heat-adhesive lump. The H640 is perfect for finishing work. The HH 650 double-sided adhesive pad makes it possible to tie two garments together in one operation. And finally, the X50 has a small volume of diamond-shaped adhesive.

A very wide range for the most active quilters. Permanent (rasterkick) or removable (quilts) products for all kinds of patchwork (carpets, sheets, children's play mats, bags and many other creations), the company's products for industrial laundry and of course on Sundays. Also

Fleece line.

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